No daily Gifts?

No daily gifts from the redeeming center? Didn’t we have that last year or something with those CA-2 Implants…

Gotta keep up with the news friend. Gifts aren’t redeemable this time, you’ve gotta farm them for the Yoiul event.

Gifts? What gifts? Why? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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My guess.

CCP got tired of half the players bitching about how bad the gifts were and the other half making 400 Alpha accts to farm them.

When you can’t win, you try something new.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


This. Now that we can log in and fly for free, CCP will be steering well clear of anything that encourages the creation of “collection accounts”.


Keno Skir21m
_ Mr_Epeen:_
_ the other half making 400 Alpha accts to farm them._

This. Now that we can log in and fly for free, CCP will be steering well clear of anything that encourages the creation of “collection accounts”.

This is why we can’t have nice things. A few bad apples ruin it for everybody. I knew we’d someday regret letting the hoi poloi in here. :wink:

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I just luv how someone at CCP thought it would be a good idea to create an event containing rewards the market is already flooded with.
What fukin genius.

If this is the best Devs can come up with as far as events go, please give up now - You just aren’t good at it…
The team that came up with this either needs to stay out of the CCP bar and sober up (and hope your natural creativity returns) OR drink more and hope it gives you a clue.


Gotta love how whiney people get when their free stuff isn’t up to par.


LOL… If that’s what you took out of my post, I fear for the future of our world. Our education departments are sorely lacking in teaching basic literacy. Or your just a little sad and have no idea on what an Event is supposed to be…

And please, what “free stuff” are you referring to? So far there is no "Free Stuff’ on offer… Just a few “event rewards” that are gained from running the same old repetitive content (from 2 or 3 years ago) over and over…

CCP is bad at hosting “events” - Which has NOTHING to do with anything given for “free”.

The simple fact so many people continue to run this sad content shows just how little real content there is available.

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Please tell us what an event is “suppose to be”? Im sure a lot of would love to hear it.

Also *you’re, you uncultured swine!

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The best free stuff you cant live without (aka air) is already here available for everyone. Its hard to compete with it really. :thinking:

We will say MERRY Christmas again!


WOW and people wonder why the Eve community is seen as hostile and not friendly - Resorting to calling someone a pig simply because you don’t understand them…
That is pretty low even for Eve players.

But then swine are smarter than (most) humans, they eat the imperfect at birth.
As for whether I’m cultured or not, I’d luv for you to explain how you came to this conclusion.
Uncultured - I think the only uncultured person here is the one that feels the need for name calling.
Stating ones findings over more than 50 years on the decline of public education, doesn’t make someone uncultured. It makes them observant.

As for an event - An Event is planned to highlight something of importance. By rehashing the same thing over and over CCP diminish any semblance of it being something to celebrate a particular occasion. It doesn’t highlight anything except that CCP can provide thoughtless, boring, repetitive content and call it an “event”. This is what CCP did last year. Compare that to what they have done this year. Tells me CCP no longer care about their player base, loyal or otherwise.

CCP for years always put some effort into giving something kool (and often useless but fun to have) at Xmas, now they don’t even bother trying, they just continued an event that was intended for another purpose - This tells me the same thing as the old millionaire Aunt who used to give everyone a pair of blue socks for birthdays and xmas - They just don’t care enough to put any thought into giving a gift.

Would be far better to not have had a Xmas event than what they have done this year. Just putting a Yule festival cerebral accelerator in everyone’s redemption system would have at least said, “here is something from us to you, thanks for supporting us”.

Without its players CCP is nothing more than a staff bar in the basement of an otherwise empty building.

I think the swine thing was a light jab at your use of “your” when you meant to use “you’re”.

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Whiny swine would rather have nothing than nothing.

Some people just are never satisified.

Yeah it’s too bad CCP apparently didn’t have the time or care to set up some dumb daily lootbox event while they:

(1) ran a fundraiser campaign for the family of a tragically deceased co-worker

(2) monitor the aftermath of introducing a widely expanded skillset for F2P players, in addition to the introduction of a new F2P-restricted SP injector system

(3) continue to prepare for a massive overhaul of Citadel mechanics dropping early Winter 2018 that promises to shake up a stagnant meta,

(4) look at re-balancing the long-bemoaned AF and HAC ships with the help of their recently-established ship balance team,

(5) revamped a lot of the graphics of structures found in missions, showing that they are still paying some attention (however little) to the complaints of mission-runners, and

(6) wrap up this Rogue Drone event that uses their relatively new Agency system, which they developed as part of an on-going mission to overhaul the NPE and help bring new blood into the game.

I get the impression that CCP did it this way because they like their new Agency tool and want to keep using it to encourage players to be out and about in space, rather than have everyone and their 10,000 alts just redeem the items into a station.


Pretty sure that makes it even worse.
Calling someone a pig over a syntax error is pretty low…

(7) Firing their employees.


lol that too



dude I fawking luv you… you have been like the most funniest forum poster ive read over the past few years… give this man a podcast ccp pls.