CCP re-releasing limited edition content

On the 13.March.2021, ccp released new skins including a release of skins previously advertised as, “limited time” & “last chance”.

CCP previously did this, acknowledged their error & compensated owners of a limited edition shirt with the great coat. The community by majority was happy with the apology.

What will owners of police skins prior to 13.march.21 be getting?

Will the apology be on the forum or dev blog? How long will we wait this time?

Mistakes happen it is no sweat, we judge you on your amends we are all human afterall.

Just some numbers,
Basic reading,

Nyx went from 7bn to 1bn.

I think you have a valid point, assuming you can prove it. I know it may seem unreasonable, but I’ve seen numerous occasions of players saying that CCP said something, only to find out that CCP never actually said it.

So, show a dev blog, screen shot, or something. Maybe go looking through the wayback machine.

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“Last chance!”.

I actually hastily dumped a lot of limited eddition items because of this thinking CCP was going down another path, but they made amends last time & will just have to be patient this time.

Limited release is not the same as “we will only release this once and then we aren’t releasing any more after.”

At this point, you’re a fool if you trust anything CCP says anyway.

Directly selling SP for cash.
Selling assets for cash.
Reneging on single release skins.

Greed is good, remember? Greed can only be better if Pearl Abyss is running the show.


That doesn’t mean last chance ever.

It means the last chance in that particular limited time sale.

Last chance is written on sales like this all the time, both in real life and in games. I think you would have a hard time proving they meant last chance ever.


“Last chance!” often means “last chance to buy them now until we bring them back again.” Lots of companies do this. It’s misleading, because customers can interpret it one of two ways, but that’s intentional. And legal. There are no actual legal obligations for companies to not sell something again after stopping once. That’s why true collectibles are usually numbered, to separate the initial releases from any future ones. Remember Pokemon cards? That’s what “first edition” cards were. They could release the same cards again if they wanted to, but the same cards in the future would never have that label again.

And to be fair, ship skins in EVE should never be time-limited, especially those that you can buy with cash. It’s just a shitty thing to do to your customers. That’s why Nintendo, while loved for their games, is also hated for all the “limited” ■■■■ they pull on their fans.


I, for one, look forward to the day I can buy a pack that contains a Nyx expert system and the Nyx hull and fittings for $99.99.

Don’t be so negative. They make mistakes some dev thought police skins looked cool & forgot they were “limited edition” & “last chance”.

Ignore the hyperboler mental gymnast trolls below who are gonna try say last chance does not mean last chance or limited eddition does not mean limited eddition.

CCP values its IP as does PA, they will fix this. There are plenty of inactive skins & apparel to give out as compensation, it is a zero effort fix.

Pff, I’ll take isk or plex say 10bn per skin, others might disagree.

It doesn’t say limited edition.

That’s not mental gymnastics - it’s being able to read.

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They won’t. And, honestly, they shouldn’t. They didn’t really screw up here.

Unless CCP says they aren’t releasing the skins again, like they did with the Blaze skins, you shouldn’t assume they aren’t releasing them again. Even if they use marketing phrases like “last chance” to try and get you to buy them out of FOMO.

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Good point “limited time”, limited time limited by what? I suspect the advertised end date or it is not limited at all :slight_smile:

For future reference, I’m fairly certain they release these skins in particular once a year. So, when they say “last chance”, they mean last chance until next year.

Making them available for a short period once per year would be limited time/limited edition, would it not? But they’re not even marked as that. The diamond in the top left indicates premium, as the tooltip will say if you hover over it.

The duration of that particular sale.

But from experience of sales in real life and in games, a sale now with a limited time duration doesn’t mean there won’t be another sale some other time.

I’ve heard people say ‘wait until it goes on sale again …’

I’ve waited for XBOX games I missed on sale in the Microsoft Store to go on sale again, for example, rather than pay the full price.

It’s common advertising practice during a sale to send out a few ‘last chance!’ messages as the sale nears its end to prompt any slackers to make that purchase.

Again nothing about that means there won’t be another sale in the future.

“Last chance”, hmmm mental gymnast that one please, I’ll get the stretcher.

Ok well let us know how the support ticket works out.

I think what’s more upsetting is how much they’re charging for these things. SKINs are so expensive that they’re only useful as an investment tool.

If you want all 12 of those Federal skins for a single character, you have to pay over $120 in PLEX.


I don’t think the 110 PLEX ones are expensive.

Nor do I think anyone is supposed to buy all of them.

110 PLEX is around £4

I had a takeaway last night that was £15


This might come as a very big shock, so you might want to brace yourself…

Not everything is about you.