Please make Police skins LP reward from Concord store

CCP wrote in their New Year Security Update that Vexor and Nyx are ships used by botters the most so buying the police skins for those ships is supposed to be an action of support against RMT, botting and hacking.
CCP why make the skins a limited time offer then?
And I’m not saying do the LP store thing now but at least after the time offer?

Also about the Police Vexor skin, maybe it’s just me but it would be awesome if it looked like a direct copy of Police Ishtar skin, they grey parts in the Vexor Police skin pretty much ruin the effect for me.

Also is it just me or is the Gallente Cruisers page in the Store broken, rapidly blinking?

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If anything, they could add some police skins to that LP store, but for ships that did not received them in PLEX price.

I think cruisers like Vexor navy issue, Navy Exequror, Exequror, also frigates like Tristan, Incursus, Navitas would look nice, and could get some of those Police skins.

Also if they would redesign catalyst, it would look very nice in police SKIN I assume. Some gankers would probably fork billions for all the SKINS for alts, just to try and legitimize their effort as the “law” enforcers, and because ganking in CONCORD ships is too expensive…

Yes, they are police skins so they would be rapidly blinking. Just like real life. Police blink in, take my dad away then blink out. Blink back in, my mother, blink out. I am sad now.

They should make them rank rewards for FW.

They should add a “Brutor lives matter” skin to the NEX store.

Way to trivialize #BlackLivesMatter

You were in that thread that was removed too, didn’t spread enough hate?

If pointing out that there can be multiple sides to a story is a hate crime then consider me guilty.

Do CONCORD skins really have a place in FW though? You fight for your militia not Concord.

The “Story” in this post is Ship Skins, what you are trying to do is to continue from another thread that was removed.

I don’t even recall what thread you are talking about; I generally don’t get stuck upon hate fests by ag or other forum trolls. And a “Brutor lives matter” SKIN is about SKINs.

If you really don’t understand, and don’t want to be a jerk, just remove the reference.

If you are playing dumb, leave it up.

If you want to censor posts on an arbitrary level of relevant or funny I suggest you start by withdrawing about 90% of your posts.

Definitely like the idea of skins in the LP store. Not just police skins, they should rotate skins in and out, but police skins should be in there always. according to the article don’t have it true or not send it might be discontinuing the skin or together is inspired by the They do satire with varying rates of success.

These are Gallente Police SKINs, signified by the lettering GPD on the hull.

Giving them out via CONCORD’s LP store would make no sense.

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