Ideas I'd love to see

I’m pro skin and want some type of skin
say a subscription based skin for plex that offers a more personal touch
like tier based for people who want a reskinned ship but don’t like the pre generated skins
tier 1 being cheapest and just choosing your own colors that are for changing the colors of the base style paint
tier 2 being already in the game designs and about mid range price with choose your own colors
tier 3 being the most expensive and allowing you to have the extra skin details like example being the electricity on some trig skins but for the ship you want


I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly skin price per ship I want to customize to my taste even

Come to terms with the fact that if you can see your skin, you are playing the game wrong.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I must be playing wrong then too. I see the skin of every ship I fly.
Perhaps that’s why I don’t like the null fleet ops.

Of course, judging from most of the posts related to null fleet ops, nobody really enjoys them. Except maybe the fc’s?

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please move to the right section


Playing it “right” (ie to anyones expectations) is inherently wrong.

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I want a flames skin for my Merlin. I hope my next ship will also have missile launcher. That career agent better come through or I drop him.
I won several skins already but can’t use them. But they’re all blue, no flames.
Another idea I’d love see is a hatch to my ship. I’d like to get out of it once in a while, if only to go to the bathroom - wait, I don’t need it, I just noticed the UPA hose next to me.
Now all I need is a device to suck up gasses. every fart is a ticking time bomb. The gases in farts are flammable, which can quickly become a problem in a tiny pressurized capsule in the middle of space where fart gases have no where to go. I hope my next ship will have that. I’d rather get ganked than blow up my ship because I farted. How embarrassing.

Customisable and personalisation of skins would be a nice addition
Corp colours, motif etc


Personally I don’t like cutting out the player driven market but since CCP is now trying to make everything ‘soul-bound’ to the character, having custom colored ship skins sounds like a good idea…

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Citation required.

Citation not required.

Just wondering, do you even log into the game anymore? Maybe you haven’t noticed but every in-game event, log-in campaign and even the Packs have most of the rewards tied to the character.

Yes, and a few event rewards are not ‘Everything’ like you said.
Nor do they indicate that CCP is intending to move in that direction like you are claiming.
So yes, Citation required if you want to make claims like that rather than “CCP is stopping farming of event items for market sales”

Exactly, they’re making the items soulbound to the character.

These are two different statements, nice backpedal though.
Want to keep back pedalling any further

No backpedal here, most of the item rewards received now from in-game events, Log-in and Packs are ‘soulbound’ to the character.

Personally I don’t care if you disagree, your statements tell me you either don’t log into the game or you just have blinders on and don’t want to acknowledge it.

Or you know, I’m not delusional, and actually recognise how small a portion of the game item rewards from in game events, log ins & packs actually are compared to ALL THE OTHER ITEMS.
And therefore I don’t go making utterly false statements about how CCP are trying to make everything soul bound. Like certain people.

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