Adding a little bit of spice, and thing should turn out nice, No?

Greetings CSM Board,

It’s come to my attention over these last few years, about how adding some cosmetics might help drive the pilot behind the ship to be more in tune with the ship, and to have ultimately, more fun and awe when flying their ship(s). So, with that, why not think about:

  1. Animated skins. (Gears of war 3 has em, you should to, right?)
  • CONS: Draws more energy (server wise) to compute all the lighting effects, lasers, missiles and now on top of that, how your ships skin seems to pulsate lighting, or flames? Maybe even a toxic fume? Whew, seems like it may be the con that would be restricting it from ever happening, but I bet if there were skins as such, players would likely take pride, screenshots would be more vivid and showing, lore too would be enhanced. I don’t know, I just think out-loud.
  • PROS: More money, more players having a more sentimental attachment to ships they fly, who don’t wanna feel badass with some flower power? Or some mining fleets feeling like they are gonna choke their enemies out with aesthetics.
  1. Trails. I wanted to speak about skins or animation in spectacular fashion, sorta like rocket league, but in pace with EVE.

Overall, I think it can be done, just not sure if its something anyone else would want. But, hey spicy things we as players like. (At least me, you’ll find the taco in hand). :slight_smile:

Also, more pink. And cat ears.

Imagine a storm for example too, if it’s a lighting storm, and you’re rocking some sweet lightning skin thats animated, have the two interact. Strikes the ship, (No damage), maybe sound the shield alarm (gotta keep them pilots in their lane, we have drifters that do that job XD). So many small things to make a bigger change, ya know?

EVE already has animated skins.

I’m terrible with names, but I can think of at least two skin lines that are animated, probably there are more.

  • the fire/ice guerilla skins for black ops ships
  • a certain red skin line for a few ships including basilisk and noctis that changes looks based on ship speed and will glow

And then there’s the skins that have moving effects, flashing lights, moving parts when the ships go in and out of warp.

EVE does have animated skins.

We always want more skins.

There’s plenty of animation on many skins right now. Go check out the new interstellar convergence skins for the Doctor Who event.

There are already animated skins, stop running EVE in potato mode. Also rendering happens client side, not server side.

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