A skin Idea

It was a interesting idea to hear about, we were BS’in and we thought it would be cool to have a “Heavy Metal” space ship skin, the one we had an idea for is the obelisk. The ship that had the smiling face on it with the grey pain.

Another note, for apparel, maybe a scientist outfit, i’m the T2/moon goo guy in the alliance and everything thinks it would be cool to have some sort of lab suit.

Look at the outfits from the Exoplanet event, there’s straight up lab coats. I’m against putting smiley faces on any skin design.

No one tell him about the Moros

I see the exo planets lab coat, must have missed that one, that’s fine. Not having smiling faces on any serious spaceship, then don’t have the skin. :smiley:

Edit: If you haven’t seen Heavy Metal then you have no idea why that ship smiling then, its not just because hes a happy ship I can tell you that.

Heavy Metal is not a real film in New Eden, nobody would have any idea why there is a smiley on your ship.

No smileys on ships please.

No movie that we know is real in New Eden, you’re point is?

Edit: Ah, and lets not forget A space Odssy 2001 was not real in new edan but lets not mention the Black Monoliths. If no one wants it, just say you dont want it, simple. :smiley:

is that why i see those damn things in the crystal quarry sites?

I mean, the skins being based on a movie not so much as i’d actually want to see the infamous smiley face on an obelisk. now that i would +1 for.

I understand you want your favourite movie made into a skin. There are hundreds of people in this game that want Hello Kitty turned into a skin. CCP are fairly anal about the dark dystopian vibe in EvE, and opening the doors to one opens the doors to another.

When submitting an alliance logo, CCP have quite a lot of rules on what it can contain and what it must look like. You can assume they are equally (if not more so) anal about the look of the actual ships in space matching their other artwork.

I mean an Aliens geddon skin would look sick but that’s not part of EvE.

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