Ship names and Golding ship tree reward

So just a thought. EVE has long touted the notion of being the ultimate space opera ship sim. And has endeavored to represent every aspect of traditional sci-fi troupes. In some form or other.
One of the biggest still missing (besides you know. anything on planets) Is ship names.
In certain Sci-fi universes having the ship’s name stamped in big bold letters on the side is kinda synonymous.

Would be nice if we could have this as an option. like maybe the skin system can layer over each other or something. While at it on this note. It would be nice to also get something visual to represent having maxed a ship out to rank v gold. Maybe a gold skin with some holographic filagre floating around the ship and V holo like the ace of podhunters one. Would be cool.

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i know some of the caldari ships, their names are on the ships like call letters…

like the heron for example.

Some of the other empires have some as well. except for amarr… self righteous jerks don’t have names on their ships.

even the pirate versions, Gila or Rattlesnake have the original names, scrp10n or M-04 on them for moa and scorpion.

Ok yea so to clarify I mean the player is given ship name like USS RENT SUPRISE.

I dont see ccp adding the option for us to randomly change the names on ships

I think this is probably technologically more difficult than you might imagine .

Even if you could create a decal using an interface it would need to be saved as a unique skin file , so you would end up with a horrendoeus amount of unique skin files to handle .

/edit which is also probably the reason why the often asked for corp logo skin is not llkely to happen anytime soon i would imagine

I suppose a ‘masters’ skin isnt entirely unreasonable though , as there would only be 1 per ship , and an interesting suggestion .

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