Do you have a convention for naming your ships?

Okay this is a bit of a lightweight topic, but I wonder if anyone else is doing what I do. I name all of my ships after Tangerine Dream albums from the early years: Phaedra, Hyperborea, Ricochet, Stratosfear, Force Majeure, White Eagle, etc.

Oh and the music itself is perfect for Eve.

Discuss. :yum:


“.” < shiptype > [ “(” < specific need > “)” ]


Doctrine ships I prefix with one of !@#$%& followed by its type. Boring, I know.

Non-doctrine ships have more whimsical names such as:
Super Shrimp: Vexor, VNI,
Bug (or Splattered Bug) Tristan,
Ugly, Massy, Messy Massy: Mastodon.
Trashcan, Ratcan: Typhoon,

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No, it’s all good. This is just a game and we SHOULD be finding ways to enjoy this game in as many ways as possible.

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Mine is “Gen 5 II” for example, where the ‘5’ is what generation of ship build it is and the ‘II’ is how many KM’s I have. Most of my ship builds evolve over time until I settle on one or two.

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Free intel is bad (good naming convention won’t mean anything to anyone else though so meh). I call my ships by their hull name. I append NoRigs on when I’ve not yet fitted rigs to the hull, in order to prevent embarrassing lossmails, but rename the ship when I fit the rigs.


I name all my ships Mr Epeen.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I wish there was a way to name your ships separately in station than what it shows your ship name undocked. I name mine according to the fit and loadout and I’d rather not give away intel that way.

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Right click, Set Name

I actually dont. For example in case of Dildomatic Shuttle I was playing with words Diplomatic Shuttle that was given out some time ago. But in other case its a name of a character - Segata Sanshiro.

Whatever you name your ship in the hangar, it automatically names while undocked, and vice versa. I want a particular ship to show a certain name while in the hangar but a completely different name while undocked. And no, I don’t want to have to change the name of it every time I undock…

The answer is no. That’s not possible.

123 111 112 kind of that don’t care about names much
But vnis I name bot1 bot2 etc to piss ppl off

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I only name my ships when something strikes me. I have a T1 freighter named “Gestaltic Embrace”, paired with a Tayra named “Larger Infinity.” My Sunesis is named “Pocket Titan.” :slight_smile:


Mine are all named after Current 93 songs :slight_smile:

Mostly I go by the IJNAS short system of designations, but adjusted for Caldari corps and weapon types.

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“Do you like my fit?”

For PVP ships, names that say in Japanese if the fit is armor/ship, kitey/brawler, and solo/fleet. For example, Yoroi Teppoh Saizo for an armor kitey fit solo ship.
Yoroi - Japanese for armor
Teppoh - Japanese for gun or rifle
Saizo - a character in old samurai movies who always heads down the road alone in the end

For PVE ships that might live longer than a day, mostly Parliament/Funkadelic song names:
Bride of Funkenstein
Atomic Dog
Motor Booty Affair
Bop Gun
Cosmic Slop
Mothership Connection
Placebo Syndrome
Mr. Wiggles


Funkadelic? what is that?

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It’s Parliament’s sister band.

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