Ships have soul

I remember when I first bought my Orca. I was as excited as a schoolgirl! I couldn’t wait to get into that ship, undock and fly that big s.o.b, look at the mechanisms that make fire and smoke at top of it, see how fast it could warp, align… I named it Willy. I still have it in hangar.
Then I got me a Prophecy. Lazers, target painters, missiles OH my! It looked to me like a mean bug swooping on its preys and leaving them wrecked and desolate. I named it Ladybug. Probably one of my favorite ships in the entire game. She saw me through many a skirmish, proudly returning to dock with cargoes full of modules and scrap metal that I couldn’t wait to reprocess.
Then Ladybug suddenly died a horrific death in 0.3 space, brightly blowing up far and wide in an explosion that temporarily blinded my tearful eyes. ( Don’t look, I was under another account ). I remember sending a message to the ganker, asking him what I could have done differently. He ( she? ) said I could have warped to the gate at 150km away so I would have had time to tuck tail and run before he could swoop down on me like a killer eagle.
Poor Ladybug, she died because of my innexperience and carelessness, lord keep her soul.

Do you name your ships? I want to hear about your favorite ships, the ones you love, the ones you lost and the ones you’re jealously keeping in hangar for that special event.

Thank you.
Have a great day!
I love you all.


Willy good thread!


Mining ships don’t have a soul, and neither do miners.


I consider my ships ammo, mine are soulless…though I still give them names :smiley:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Nice one.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Buy Ship

Yes…? You seen like you’re about to say something…

Ship bores me after 1h

Sounds like a personal problem to me.

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I’ve only named 1:

and she’s looking forwards to the BLOPs changes.


Oh wow, that’s scary. Really.

LOL, cool name!

How long will she have to wait?

I have only one named ship, a Gila called ‘little wolf’ named after my five year old (he loves the wolf from the three pigs story)

I once had an Astero I loved, had it for ages and done a lot of learning in it, that ship felt part of me… sadly it all came to a violent end one day when a misplaced click brought me into contact with some unsavoury gentlemen in J space. I never named that ship but if I did I would of called her the butter queen, slippery gal that she was.


And neither do you.


Hey Natalie waves
I only have three ships right now
A Venture
A Heron and Algos

I never thought about naming them but now I’m thinking… Since I always hesitate on which one to use, I’ll name them Eenie, Minee and Mo.
Have you had any of those? If yes, which one do you like between those three?
Take care
Fly Safe



Poor Butter Queen. She’s gone before her time.

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Well, Venture isn’t much use for anything 'cept maybe mining.
I haven’t flown the other two. Algos looks nice but Heron might be more capable. I don’t know. Sorry.

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I always name my ships.

“Obvious Bait” is a fave… :slight_smile:

–Soul Sister Gadget


,:rofl: I’m so shamelessly stealing that from you and there ain’t nuffin you can do about it.


Indeed, ships have soul, all mine do, and most have a history. That history is never interrupted because I simply clone the ship if I lose one and give it back the original name. Why not, it’s in line with our medical clones, right ?

As to names, well, it depends how I feel at that moment. Some names are just playful, some carry a message for whoever spams dscan (“hello there”. “I see you too”, “spam that scan”, “warping to you”), one of my barges still honors Vile Rat, and one ship has the name of a friend who passed away due to covid, a ship he even built for me.

Favourite ships ? Anything stealthy of course (the drama ! the tears ! the posting on forums ! lol), but I also adore the trig ships, especially the drekavac and the ikitursa, and the t3 dessies (especially the Confessor).
I started and stuck with amarr ships for quite a few years until I was finally ready to fully x-train. Now I can fly any subcap t1/t2/t3, any role (sp wise at least) and every race has some fantastic ships to play with. I even enjoy flying rifters and drakes although they have been nerfed a bit.

As to the Prophecy, mine is called Polka Dots, inspired by a silly pop song from 1960 (Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini). Don’t ask why, I wouldn’t know, it just happened. Nowhere near as nimble or gracious as the girl of the song, she flies like a brick but also hits like a brick and tanks like one. I still hope CCP will come up with a polka dot skin to grace her golden curves.