Tell us about your flagship

● Name: Aurora Borealis
● Nickname: The Neohome
● Class: Porpoise class Industrial Command and Support Ship
● Age: 6 months
● Homedock: Archavoinet - Maractite Foundry, an Azbel Class Engineering Complex
● Builder: Zanith Solette
● Status : In Service(slightly singed)
● Souls on board: 12 Marines, 7 Drone Maintenance Technicians, 3 Life Support Technicians, 15 Researchers, 10 General Crew, and 1 Janitor
● Purpose: Long Endurance Anoikis Research Diving
● Reasons for flagship designation: While I’m often more a combat-oriented pilot, the Aurora has been the ship I’ve flown the most frequently, especially into the recesses of Anoikis. A dangerous task, especially considering its non-covert nature. It has slipped through ambushes, survived sleeper encounters, and has ripped open more reliquaries than I care to recount.
● Favorite moments: The longest running deep excursion that I’ve put the big girl through in Anoikis. Two weeks of isolation out in the black. Scanning down relic caches, and poking at my crew over the ship internal comm. One particular incident during this excursion involved an Angel relic cache. I’d engaged the relic analyzer and was in the process of ripping the cache open when an Astero landed on-grid and tried to engage, likely to pin the Aurora down while a bigger ship could land and deliver a crippling blow. Thankfully, a flight of EC-300 drones were in the deployment bays, ready to fly and disrupt aggressive sensors, and I was able to get the Aurora to warp off as a Curse and Legion landed on the field. Lost the drones, but kept the ship. Closest she ever came to going down, and still one of the best moments.


● Full name of the flagship: Reprisal
● Nickname: "Buck-oh-five"
● Class: Vindicator-class Battleship
● Age: 2 years
● Homedock: Aunia I - Moon 11 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
● Builder: Unknown
● Status: Retired, on display
● Souls on board: presently only janitors and marines for security. In her prime, she was staffed with a multitude of freed Matari slaves - all volunteers - who wanted hands-on starship combat training and experience.
● Purpose: Pest control.
● Reasons for flagship designation: For starters, she’s nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. Second, the bounties she has earned me clearing rats from Sinq Laison have paid for much of the rest of my personal fleet. Third - and quite possibly most importantly - the charred biomatter of Serpentis, Amarr, and Caldari corpses she has left in her wake would equate in both size and mass to a small moon: my “Kill On Sight” standings with these villainous hegemonies serve as proof. I couldn’t have done this without her. She is the pride of my collection.
● Favorite moments: When those who would act to undermine the Gallente Federation would set up shop in Sinq Laison, I was often called to “take care” of the problem: almost exclusively with Blaster Cannons. After returning victorious, I would assemble with my crew in the cargo bay, we’d crack open some cold brews, and always give the same toast…

You see, since the dawn of civilization humanity has know that freedom always comes at a cost. Poems and songs have detailed this to one extent or another throughout the ages. One of our favorite battle hymns, passed down from generation to generation throughout the millennia is the ancient epic “Freedom Isn’t Free”.

So we would hoist our frothy brews in the air and say, “Today, we gave our buck-oh-five!”

And thus, the Reprisal earned her nickname.


● Full name of the flagship: HKS Anukis
● Nickname: “Best Girl”
● Class: Stork class Command Destroyer
● Age: 16 months
● Homedock: J115405 “RAGE” - “Fort Knocks” Keepstar
● Builder: Unknown, obtained from Jita markets
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: Classified
● Purpose: Aggressive negotiation with unwilling participants
● Reasons for flagship designation: She is my favorite ship to fly. She’s tough, she’s fast, and she handles like a dream.
● Favorite moments: While waiting on a gate in Wicked Creek, a hostile Cyclone class Battlecruiser was reported warping towards me. As I watched the hostile Cyclone decelerate out of warp onto my grid, I was able to activate my Micro Jump Field Generator with such timed precision that in the single second between the Cyclone exiting its warp field and activating the stargate, he was whisked 100km away.


[No images exist of The Olga due to the - at the time - Classified nature of the collaborative Jackdaw project.]

● Full name of the flagship: Queen Olga’s Revenge
● Nickname: The Olga
● Class: Jackdaw (YC117 Prototype)
● Age: ~4 months at time of destruction.
● Homedock: Lasleinur VI, Moon 15, Kaalakiota Corporation Factory (Historical)
● Builder: Kaalakiota, Lai Dai, 24th Imperial Crusade, Pyre Falcon Defence and Security Research Division.
● Status: Destroyed YC117-10-14, Aldranette solar system, by a Villore Accords Hurricane fleet following an ambush. Inquest concluded that the brash actions of the pilot led to the destruction of the ship.
● Souls on board: 75 at time of destruction. Due to the nature of the destruction of the vessel, there were no survivors except for the capsuleer pilot. Her pod was not destroyed subsequent to the destruction of the vessel.
● Purpose: Protoype combat vessel.
● Reasons for flagship designation: Highly successful combat record during its brief service period, which resulted in a sort of cult following amongst peers.
● Favorite moments: Single handed destruction of a Minmatar Militia fleet in the Arnher solar system. Survival against incredible odds on more occasions than this pilot keeps cached. Carried its pilot to the top ten rankings of a popular capsuleer killboard.

The Queen Olga’s Revenge was one of the earliest Jackdaw class tactical destroyers, acquired by Pyre Falcon Defence and Security as part of a collaborative programme involving Kaalakiota, Lai Dai and the 24th Imperial Crusade. Initially slated for its expense compared to competing approaches to outfitting the at the time freshly revealed Jackdaw, it incorporated the specialist shield boost amplifiers of Lai Dai with the a custom designed pair of capacitor boosters provided by the 24th Imperial Crusade to fit the relatively small hull.

The Olga quickly proved its worth in the defense of the “Evati Triangle”, seeing off a variety of opponents in single combat and against small fleets, even proving itself capable of aggressively pursuing a Gila class cruiser before taking it down single handedly, while under fire from sentry guns.

In the end the project was too expensive to adopt at a corporate level, but several Falcons did buy the pre production run out of their own pockets. With the revised Jackdaw put into production in YC118, the surviving Queen Jackdaws were permanently retired in accordance with DED guidelines.

I suppose I should also explain the name: The original “Queen Olga” was a Daredevil class frigate that I’d been using in the weeks leading up to my introduction to the collaborative Jackdaw project. It was destroyed in the failed defense of Todifrauan, hours before the first Jackdaw was delivered. It seemed only natural to name one for the other.


(stock image)

● Full name of the flagship: CPS Zooper Dooper
● Nickname: Zoops
● Class: Widow-Class Battleship
● Age: 5 years
● Homedock: Classified
● Builder: Kaalakiota
● Status: Reactivated in a classified location.
● Souls on board: 665
● Purpose: Originally bought just to be a flagship, she was later properly fit up for jumping into Pure Blind for PH ops. She sports a Raata-Sunset SKIN. Current mission is classified.
● Reasons for flagship designation and Favourite Moments: It is by far the most expensive ship I own. When the State decided to recall the Scorpions and Widows for redesign, I was happy enough with its new looks I decided to drop the money on a pretty paintjob rather than save up for the (at the time, I’ve since gotten one) ridiculously expensive Nightmare. I was going to put my Yacht up here, but that would be better off saving for ‘Tell us about your house’. Coming back after so long and seeing this big red beast floating in my hangar - covered in dust - made me almost break down. Seeing how much it has appreciated in value just put a big goofy grin on my face. Finally getting to use its jump drive for the first time, feeling the power of jumping across multiple systems in the blink of an eye… that’s why she’s my flagship.


Full name: GM Potato
Nickname: Sinful Sally
Class: Sin class Black Ops Battleship
Age: 3 years
Homedock: EZA-FM (Syndicate)
● CreoDron designed, built with love by Violet Crumble
● In Service
● 112 lost souls on board (and they love it)
Purpose: Nothing more satisfying than emerging out of nothing with violent intent.
Reasons for flagship designation: Just when someone thinks they’ve engaged an easy target, surprise, honey I’m here.
Favorite moments:

Back in YC117-118, Brave Lollipops Division operated for a time in Syndicate, favoring the coward gank style of pvp. One of my close friends had been caught by a Sabre in her capsule just minding her own business, innocently transiting between systems.

Being rather easy to trigger, she had a mind for revenge. She jump cloned to her hunting Loki and gave me a friendly ahoy to see if I could help out. Is my name Scipio? Of course I can help.

On entering MHC-R3, she found not only the Sabre still there, but these nasty candy eaters had bought a Tornado into system as well. Their little sugary brains must have been long caramelised though, because the Sabre had dropped a can 70km off the 6E-578 gate and while burning back to the gate, the Tornado warped to the can.

Their plan was a simple one. Bubble up on gate and alpha targets from range with the Tornado.

Unfortunately, one clocky Loki also managed to warp to the can before it had been destroyed and decloaked 5km off the Tornado, just as our hapless antiheroes were ready to spring their trap.

Locked up, scrammed and engaged, the Tornado wasn’t going anywhere. But neither did he want to. He engaged back and the Sabre started burning in to bubble up. They thought, easy kill.

Oops, covert cyno…“honey, I’m here”.

The Sabre ran like stuck pig and the Tornado pilot cried something about leet combat as he died without killing a thing.

Was a very pleasing kill. I can out coward kill anyone in this thing.


Full name: Axii Ston Momaki
Nickname: -
Class: Astero frigate
Age: Unknown. Our maiden flight was on 118.06.05, our last flight was on 121.08.03, so the ship was with me for over 3 years. 1154 days to be exact.
Home dock: Office of Special Surveillance - Origin
Builder: Unknown
Status: Destroyed
Souls on board: ~20 crew (Including medics)
Purpose: SAR (Search And Rescue) patrols
Reasons for flagship designation: This is my favorite ship because it helps me save lives most directly. This is also most often my choice for traveling, so I am always prepared when I encounter people in need of rescue.
Favorite moments: The SAR patrols with SFRIM, which were a gift in honor of my birthday this year. Every time I save lives, especially where/when I did not expect to do so.
And, not really a favorite moment, as I almost lost the ship then: barely escaping my first 0.0 gatecamp when foolishly taking it through null sec to Postouvin, while not fitted properly to do so.


● Full name of the flagship: Jormungand
● Nickname: The Lady
● Class: Machariel, Battleship
● Age: Unknown, all onboard databases scrubbed and reset sometime prior to purchase - presumed at least 7 years.
● Builder: Unknown, because of the above.
● Homedock: Withheld
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: 1,700-2,400
● Purpose: Primarily non-capsuleer combat activities (rogue drone infestation clearing etc.), but is fitted with anti-capsuleer capabilities in mind, the known universe being what it is.
● Reasons for flagship designation: Excessive sentimental value

Named after a mythical beast, the Lady is physically the largest and the oldest ship I currently own. It was bought in Hek, around 7 years ago. It came with some non-standard modifications, and has been further modified while in my care with better firing control, propulsion, shield and auxiliary systems to name some changes.
An interesting tidbit is that as stated, all of the ships databases were purposefully and quite thoroughly erased some weeks before being put on sale - whether this actually means the ship has some sinister, unknown history or if this was done by the seller just to add intrigue is naturally quite impossible to tell, especially in the case of a used vessel.

Due to the ships age and other factors it has become quite dear to me, and if I ever lose it, yes, I will be sad. There is something incredibly comforting in the way the reactors, power transfer coils and numerous other small but important functions feel while commanding this ship. If you could call a ship “a happy place”, this one would be such a thing.

As such, I expose it to minimal danger these days. That said, if she ever goes down, it will be in a blaze of glory, in an end it deserves, not just rotting away in a hangar.


● Full name of the flagship: HISCB C5-002
● Nickname: Fwosh Fwosh~
● Class: Gila-class cruiser
● Age: Unknown
● Homedock: ZO-YJZ X - ZO-YJZ Station
● Builder: Unknown
● Status (in service, destroyed…): Currently destroying Rogue Drones
● Souls on board (crew, janitors…): 68 crew total.
● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…): Destroying Rogue Drones
● Reasons for flagship designation: It’s… sort of the only thing I fly.
● Favorite moments: I was once tackled by a Pandemic Legion Malediction and Gila. While I was unable to destroy the interceptor tackling me, I was able to begin destroying the Gila’s drones. He seemed to do more damage than my shields could repair, so I began to destroy his drones. He didn’t seem to realize I was doing it, until I had destroyed a few of them. We eventually got into a sort of stalemate, where each of us where launching our drones, before quickly scooping them, trying to destroy each others drones before trying to destroy each others ships… This sort of continued for… almost 60 minutes, before I eventually realized that there were no more Pandemic Legion pilots coming to this engagement. I decided to ask for help from my corporation, and a Drake pilot came to help me. We were able to destroy the Gila, but not the interceptor. It was… very strange, and like nothing I had experienced before, but it was something I doubt I’ll forget…


● Full Name: Reverence Historia Eldest
● Nickname: Reverence
● Class: Loki Class Strategic Cruiser
● Age: 9 Months
● Homedock: Archavoinet - House Mnesia Outpost - a Freeport Astrahus
● Builder: Unknown, originally purchased and assembled at the Dodixie Trade Hub
● Status: In Service(reconstructed from scrap on two seperate occasions following catastrophic damages)
● Souls on board: 20 Marines, 30 Archeological Specialists, 4 Comm Technicians, 7 Astrogeology/Planetology Specialists, 5 Artillery Maintenance Technicians, 10 General Crew, and 3 Janitors
● Purpose: Anoikis Relic Retrieval, Anoikis Planetary Surveying, and jury-rigged ‘Bread Crumb’ CommSat deployment.
● Reasons for flagship designation: Despite being one of four Loki hull configurations under my ownership, Reverence was the first of them, and has seen me and its crew through much, despite becoming near complete scrap twice. Minmatar Engineering at its finest.
● Favorite moments: sitting in orbit over a shattered world in Anoikis while the planetologists and a small squad of marines from the crew compliment took planetary vehicles down to the surface to collect samples. To some, this may not be much, as shattered world are of little value to most, but there’s something to be said about watching a groundfeed from inside a pod, overlooking starscorched crags and rift valleys from the perspective of a mortal. Its… humbling, in a way.

● Additional Note: due to the expanded crew complement and neccesity of specialized equipment for the science teams aboard the vessel, Reverence sacrifices some of her internal integrity for extended decks and specialized deployment clamps for planetary vehicles.


● Full name: Far Sight Lost
● Nickname: Slippery When Wet
● Class: Malediction-class Interceptor
● Age: 2 years
● Homedock: Reserved berth spaces in Amarr, Jita, Rens, Dodixie, Hek, and Tash-Murkon Prime
● Builder: Khanid Innovations
● Status: In Service
● Souls on board: Mine
● Purpose: Rapid Transit with Minimal Annoyance
● Reasons for flagship designation: Not my biggest, not my most powerful, but the ship in which I spend the most time and with which daddy makes the big bucks.
● Favorite moments:

Anytime a gatecamp fails to nab it, preferably after they have made a bravado heavy statement in local. I say it’s the ship I spend the most time in but, in a way, the opposite is true as well. I can make it from Amarr to Jita in as little as three minutes so it’s not actually that necessary to spend a large amount of time in the ship. With an upgraded Fable XIV FTL Assembly and an align time of 1.77 seconds the ship makes it easy and fast for me to get from Point A to Point B no matter how many roadblocks are in the way.

Bonus Stats
●Color: Black
●Armaments: Three dual-mounted Fireworks Launcher Arrays mounted on the Lai Dai “Arbalest” light missile hardpoints; because I know how to have fun


Full name: GhostSight
Hull: Helios
Class: Covert Ops


Jason? You still here? I guess Eve isn’t that large

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Updated my own section with a new image bank, because that new paintjob deserves it.


Name: Sakanuik.
Nickname: Going to explain the name here instead. The name is Napanii and it means Windspeed. The phrase is commonly used as a farewell.
Class: Raptor-class Caldari Interceptor.
Age: Not sure on exact date. Just over a year now.
Home: J120442.
Builder: Unknown.
Status: Active. 24 kills.
Purpose: Punishing usage of warp core stabilizers.
Reason: It was hard to choose between my Raptor, my Buzzard or my Cerberus, and I’m still not sure. But Sakanuik has been with me for far longer than any other ship I own.

Favourite moments: There isn’t one big moment(My Cerberus has moments, which is why it was close). It’s just general long term usage. I bought it in Jita 4-4, flew it to PH staging in nullsec. When I left Horde it was the only ship I took with me, and it was the first ship I moved in J120442 when I joined ALXVP, where I refit it for its current purpose. It has a combined 6 points of scram, meaning that warp core stabilizers can’t save anything from its wrath.

As soon as its wrath can manage to track the target, anyway.

My love for Sakanuik is largely sentimental. It’s a ship I’ve had for just over a year now, one year and one month almost to the day if I’m correct, almost my entire active time as a capsuleer. I hope to have it for many, many more years to come.


Following several requests - no, I don’t have a flagship, I have a toolbox.

Each ship is designed with a specific purpose in mind - and most of them are, to their own extent, disposable.

They range from standarized ships hastily purchased during wartime to custom-order builds by many shipyards. Some of them are ships manufactured in the 28O shipyard in Cloud Ring, back when it existed.

There are a few of those I have fond memories of, like an old model four twinweb Rapier I flew during the last conflict - but, in the end, they’re nothing but a box of tools.

To be honest - if there was a way to strap a jumpdrive to a Bowhead… well, now that I would actually consider.


That’s called literally any capital ship with a ship maintenance bay.


Meh. Too small.

E: Also, short jump range.

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  • Name: Demagol
  • Nickname: None, sure the crew probably has one for it.
  • Class: Nestor-Class Battleship
  • Age: Unknown, purchased the hull in Amarr
  • Homedock: Indigo City, Origin System, Anoikis Space
  • Builder: Unknown
  • Status: Docked and serving as tertiary research facility for VaskTech
  • Crew: Varies dependant on role. Standard operating crew is 800. Supplementary support staff is 300 extra. With a maximum operational staff of 1,500.
  • Purpose: Mobile research facility, Hospital Ship, Combat Armour Logistics, and ad hoc planetary tactical command center.
  • Reason for Flagship Designation: Largest ship in possession and the robust research and development labs constructed inside the ship.
  • Favorite Moment: Witnessing her hospital ship duties get put to their full use.


Unfortunately the Demagol is MIA, presumed stolen during the Fall of Origin and the destruction of Indigo City. Her crew, along with all personnel, were safely evacuated from the Citadel before it’s destruction. It is presumed the Demagol is either being resold or put to poor use by it’s new owner.


  • Name: Empress of Amarr.
  • Nickname: none, because a certain level of decorum is appropriate when handling this much power.
  • Class: Legion (Strategic Cruiser).
  • Age: eight months since commissioning.
  • Homedock: registered at Zoohen III - Theology Council Tribunal Station, although the ship is currently on indefinite deployment to a base located in the Anoikis Cluster.
  • Builder: bought new ‘off the shelf’ from an independent capsuleer industrialist based in Amarr; initial subsystem configuration carried out by engineers in the Emperor Family Academy facility. The recent mandatory Strategic Cruiser-class subsystem reconfiguration/redesign was carried out in situ in my corp’s facility in the Anoikis Cluster.
  • Status: in-service.
  • Crew: no other biologicals, because a number of servitor robots and considerable automation negates the requirement. As well as the standard Aura interface, the ship also carries an iteration of Signal Cartel’s experimental ‘ALLISON’ AI construct as part of its navigation sensor suite.
  • Purpose: the ship’s primary role is long-duration exploration missions as per Signal Cartel’s core operational brief (a cross-capsule-variant modification was installed at considerable extra expense). Its secondary role is ad-hoc/impromptu suppression of organised crime/pirate bases wherever they are encountered.
  • Reasons for Flagship designation: I keep the two-century-old samovar I got from a bazaar on Mishi IV on it so I can keep it real by doing the tea ritual anytime/anywhere, bringing some civility to even the most desolate parts of space (even Anoikis).
  • Favourite Moment: just last week I warped to a wormhole under full cloak, to find that wormhole camped by three hostile ships and a horde of drones. I emerged from warp (still cloaked obvs) right into the middle of this field of hostiles - within 3,500m of several of them - and yet none of them decloaked me while my warp field was dissipating under deceleration and before I was able to warp away again. Incredible karma, and true covert ops right there - those hostiles will never have known how close they came to a major score that night. What a ship…