A forgotten myth or do they still exist?

(Nervalla Cythrill) #1

I was wondering if Capital ships still exist in Empire? I know of the most famous one owned by Chribba “Veldnaut”, but was wondering if there were any others still floating around.
In case anyone was wondering, there is no rhyme or reason for the question, just simple curiosity that goes back to a time long forgotten.

(Quelza) #2

I believe that Max Singularity was allowed to fly an Apostle through hisec near the time of Catiz I’s coronation. So that was just last year. Not sure what happened to it afterwards.

(Netan MalDoran) #3

I feel like there are 2 in total. Can only mine, shipspin, and joyride around lowsec tho.

(Nana Skalski) #4

Of course, there are multiple NPC titans in Amarr system for example. Unfortunately capsuleers cant use capitals in high-sec for anything more than mining and showing to others. At least those that still are in high sec and were not moved to low.

There is no system to force someone to not use them for fighting tho. Chribba could still gank someone with his dread.

(Yourmoney Mywallet) #5

There used to be a Phoenix in Sobaseki. Don’t know if it’s still there; the owner would occasionally orbit the Jita gate with it just for sh*ts and giggles.

(Donkyhotay) #6

True, but as soon as the GM’s found out they would forcibly move his ship out of highsec.

(mkint) #7

The last I recall, there should be more capitals than ever in highsec right now. For a long time, the only ones were the ones built in highsec at the dawn of time, but then a few years ago there was some kind of reimbursement thing where a couple dozen got added. I’m feeling like there was another movement around the launch of citadels but can’t recall specifically what happened. For some reason, I think around the time of the reimbursement there was a change in the rules for highsec caps though I couldn’t say exactly what changed. Let’s attempt to summon @Chribba to weigh in.

(Dom Arkaral) #8

I know of at least 5,
2 in amarr, and 2 in Algogille

there’s a nyx in Jita as well (or was, idk if it’s still there)

(QuakeGod) #9

Pretty sure I’ve seen someone undock a Fax in Jita.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #10

He was flying it around outside Amarr a couple months back, chatting in local . Evidently CCP has given him special dispensation to have it in hisec. So just max s. and chribba have capitals in hisec, I guess.

(mkint) #11

It’s not a matter of special dispensation. The rule, as I last understood it, was that you can’t use highsec caps for anything that matters. Mostly, that means combat. Mining is allowed because it’s a terrible mining ship, with an output lower than a venture. Flying around is just fine, which includes jumping out of highsec. Selling them is not fine, because you’d be profiting from what is basically an exploit. I’m pretty sure the last count published was around 2 dozen highsec caps, though I’m terrible at remembering numbers. Makes me wonder how easily accessible those numbers are even to CCP, how hard that kind of database search would be for them to do.

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(Chainsaw Plankton) #13

I’d guess there are a bunch more, but they are probably on inactive accounts.

and some time ago CCP banned selling caps in highsec as a bunch got accidentally put in highsec by GMs doing ship reimbursement over the years.

(Chribba) #14

Overall there are as many as there was years ago, there have been some added by mistakes and inactive transfers since I’m sure. Overall it should still be a handful that are active.

The only other than my ships that I know of is Max’s Apostle in Amarr which is active. He and I did a tour around Amarr at New Years.

Beyond those two I haven’t really heard of many others still being used so I am thinking most of them probably are owned by less than active players


(Scipio Artelius) #15

Rupee sacrificed a dread for New Years 2017:

Still quite a few sitting in hangars.

(Lasisha Mishi) #16

haven’t seen many…
but of the ones i know

the 2 well known ones(singularity and veldnaught)
then theres a chimera and a phoenix in jita…not sure if the nyx is still there.

didoxie has several moros according to the old forums, and i heard there was a nidhoggur there…but i’ve never seen evidence of it outside of facebook claims

(Lady Ayeipsia) #17

There was a carrier providing mining boosts over near Red vs Blue’s home in the Forge region. It gained some attention when a GM told the player one thing, prompting the player to sacrifice it, then CCP changing their mind and giving the hull back.

Editted to add…
The carriers were all pre-FAX introduction. It may be possible that some carriers were convertes to FAX as I thought that was determined by if you had a triage module equipped at the time of the transition.

(Bronson Hughes) #18

Correct. Any carrier that had a triage module equipped when FAXs came out was converted to a FAX, even if it lived in HiSec.

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