Capital ships and needlejacks

Hi just coming back from a bit away, I’m sure this has been discussed but i have some catching up to do so figured I’d just ask
What is the logic behind caps not being able to use needlejacks? I kinda wanted to send a moros into the middle of who knows where tonight but that is a no go so what is the thinking behind it being subcap only and random?

I’m guessing because caps are meant to be hard to move.

If I had to move a cap fleet 6 cyno jumps away, using needjejacks and bouncing around until I get within 2 or 3 cynos of my destination would make a move a lot quicker


Don’t want to make krabbing or cynos too easy, or use needlejacks as a mechanism for caps to move safely without fleetmates (against the spirit of MMOs).

The needlejack itself is against the spirit of MMOs (and is a horrible idea in every way).

The real reason is that CCP currently wants to discourage the possession and use of capital ships (excluding highsec-capable capital ships).


It’s magic and it only works for smaller ships.

Can’t believe we have magic travel in EVE :frowning_face:

Yeeting is one of those horrible additions ccp added to the game the last few years and one can hope they will take it out again one day.

It seems unlikely they will remove them until they get tired of frigate/destroyer gangs harassing nullsec miners.

Serious question because I honestly don’t know and haven’t had time to look over the MER yet: what impact has yeeting had when it comes to small gangs killing nullsec krabs?

Would yeeting be better if Force Recons couldn’t yeet :thinking:?

even i used needlejacks to fight boredom and did pretty fun day trips to null
they are ok 6/10

near the capital of a big null entity …
2 private chats pop up…
-hey what are you doing in our space (ewww xenophobes )?
-i was looking for mcdonalds i think i took a wrong turn LOL :rofl:

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lol agreed, but if wanted to use dumb magic to get myself killed in something that needs a support fleet to not die on its own I should have the right to be an idiot just like the smaller ships, like I said I’ve been a away a while so the question itself was interesting to me, guess I’ll just keep throwing praxis’s into the wilderness

You’ll never convince me that helicopters don’t fly using magic.

So if we have RL magic travel, why not have EVE magic travel? It only makes sense.

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