Show your creative/funny ship name

I’ll start…

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most of my ships are called “luv”because the Amarr people have lots of love S3
my anathema named "Im a hound
my DSTs are called "Obsidian” because i think is a fitting name for impels

some times i do variations just because i have LOTS of the same ship on the hangar and need to know what is what
so i do “R- luv” (because r type game)
or “R-luv-leo” because there is a r type game called leo and I’m called leo to
luvx” , “rluvx"

some of my punishers are called “pu” , and my succubus , “suc suc” or some variation

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I have a Corax named “U-571” because it looks like a German U-Boat. A Raven named “Nevermore”, an Astero named “Pixel Fear”, and my trusty mission Drake that I lovingly call “Big Juicy”…


I have always had an Ishkur named Mighty Flea. It gets a lol out of local every once in a while.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Someone brought this subject up a while ago.

I name my ships to mislead others. :crazy_face:


HKIA (Hello Kitty Island Adventurer)

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Here’s some of mine:

  • Mining Venture: Asteroid (Veldspar) (and similar ore names)

  • Salvager Catalyst: Cat :3

  • Salvager Cormorant: Not a cat :3

  • Fireworks Catalyst: Holiday Dragon

  • Garmur: Sith Force Choke (if you don’t understand why check the ship’s hull bonuses and it should be obvious)

  • Jita fishing Heron: Corpse Grabber

  • Jita fishing Nereus: Corpse Wagon

  • Jita fishing Atron: Necromonger Express

  • Naga: Tiger Claw (as it looks and opens /closes similar to the ship in the Wing Commander movie)

  • One of the Algos fits: Pegasus (from Battlestar Pegasus as it looks similar)

  • Old first (PvE) Atron: Skyraider (just 'cause it sounds cool, later also as I got the Cylon raider scanning animation SKIN during the first Guardian’s Gala event and also a reference to the real-life fighter aircraft)

  • Old first (PvE) Catalyst: Thunderstorm (due to the sound all the guns make)

  • Gila: Thunderbolt (continuing the naming convention and due to the sound the missiles and their explosions make)

  • Gnosis: Golden Compass (due to looks and also reference to the mvoie)

  • Sunesis: Sunesis :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:

Btw always funny when people don’t rename their ships making it extra easy to find them, especially when they have a killright on their head and fly something juicy. :smiling_imp:


I dont get it

Thats why I have several ships named things like* “Lucos Kell’s Orca”

(*Illustrative example, I only actually use names of real players)

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Venture…


For a while I called mine Das Boot.

I also have a Vexor called Vexy McVexface…and a Raven called Rocinante.


True Sansha Skiff - Nightmare was too many characters iirc

I used to name my ships after Iain Banks ship names of the Culture, I still name some ships SacSlicer though!


I name my ships:
. .

Sometimes when I’m feeling saucy I’ll name it: “-“

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Why not …- - -…?

Is what I name shuttles.

I did however name all my Epithal’s Didgeridoo! :laughing:

Because - - - is pretentious.

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My Enyo is called “Only Time”


Why not Wild Child, or Only If?

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Had to look…

Loki, Hveðrungr

Curse, Acurseaponyou way back when… :roll_eyes:

And I just found… :rage: :rage: :rage:

They striped all the large rigs off the frig I called Antique. :scream: :sob:

Edit; Support ticket? :rofl:

Why not?

I heard CCP is reimbursing lost orcas from pvp now.