CCP - nerfed my ship name

I’ve used the same name since day 1. YEARS.

what have you done?


I just found out myself! I usually use :airplane: as a ship name, this is an illegal character now and there is a character minimum of 4.


I want to name my ship ︻デ═一 or ☜☣☞ or whatever creativity comes to mind!

This is stupid.

CCP change this back to normal please. If we can bling our ships and be unique, at least grant us the opportunity to do the same with our naming.

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I like seeing smiley faces etc in names.

Wormholers get shafted again.

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Looks like they banned cyrillic characters too… I suspect someone accidentally applied restrictions from character naming to all naming? If it was intentional, Russians aren’t going to like it…

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In what way does this change ‘shaft’ wormholers ?

Well i wont say it shafts us but we typically have a call sign or hi sign on our ships to help easily identify friendlies on dscan.


They tend to have ship names with some unusual icon in it so you can quickly differentiate friend from foe on D-scan.

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It might actually be good for them… requiring that they actually check the identity of unknown ships on comms/chat rather than assuming that just because someone has put a corp tag on a ship it’s friendly. When hunting in wormholes I will routinely adopt the tag of the resident corp because yes… folks are dumb enough not to check.

its been reverted. and any fc who is using d-scan to call targets is not an fc.


Who calls out targets by ship name? No one. They use player name / ship type.

Ship names aren’t used in the overview and no FC (competent or incompetent) calls targets from D-Scan. D-Scan is for what’s off grid, not on grid.


Bollocks. You call targets by name of pilots.

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