What do you name your ship and why?


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-James Fuchs


I name my ships whatever I find funny. My Loki is named the USS Defenestration, I got a Damavik named Tax Write-off. My DST is named FedEx Truck, despite being more reliable than anything FedEx has.

I recently named one #bikenonce in honour of an ex-footballer being sued for libel by a really obnoxious BBC presenter. for calling him that… Any such use of this is merely amusement at that event and does not mean anything else.

I call a bait Maller fit the name of the player I had a fight with who used this in conjunction with a Pilgrim.

When I name something I get attached and getting attached to ammo ( which is what ships in EvE are supposed to be seen as ) in very silly.
So I keep it simple:
Velator-1, 2…
Catalyst-1, 2…
Venture-1, 2…
Sometimes I’ll name a destroyer like Karura or Phoenix for fun and confusion :slightly_smiling_face:

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The name of the ship in the game. Venture → Venture, Coryx → Coryx

Each of my alts uses a different naming convention for their ships based on what I think their “personalities” are. My Faction Warfare warrior has cutezy girly names for her “instruments of death” if you will, my station trader has quirky funny weird names, my main character has names based on species names of invertebrates, fish, etc.

Mine tends to name her ships Gallente Master Race. I assume easy to guess which faction she fights for. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush:

HMS Disposable

Because, well…

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I name my ship GRIEFER, cuz that what she do.

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I’m naming it the same way :grinning:

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Currently naming my ships after cars in RL

I have three Atrons.

  1. Captivity’s end. ( I was a slave in Amarr empire until a good samaritan smuggled me out )
  2. Lesson in Freedom. ( Being free is confusing )
  3. Yearning & Wariness ( Becoming a Capsuleer and having goals in the face of constant risks )

I named one of my mining barges “2049er”.

I tend to name my ship after the thing the last one died to.
So my current Malediction is named Vargur. My Draugur is called Domiblob, and my Dramiel is Stupidity (the last one died in an act of supreme dumb on my part).

One of my probing alts gets around in a Buzzard named FortPDS…

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I used to have a cargo fit Probe that I used for pottering around doing drop-offs, pickups and ammo resupply. It was called Transit Connect, but is now called Doblo because my RL runaround is a Fiat Doblo van.

I once named a shuttle „Vote Phantomite CSM“, and it was the only time I’ve ever been smartbombed in Jita.


I have one named ship, which is a lvl4 mission Mach named “Black Angel Seraphim”

All other ships are renamed to: “-”
As long as my name or shiptype aren’t in it, it’s good enough. But I’m lazy and this way it fades away in a fast/cursory glance at D-scan.

Butts, because its funnie