What do you name your ship and why?

all my ships are called “F1 Monkey”
as ordered

Being an Intaki RPer all of my ships are named in Intaki, and tend to be thematic to their purpose.

My gas mining ventures might be named something like “Rhayamuk” (nebula) and my ratting ships something like “Siphav” (vigilant), etc.

For example, my Zephyr is called “Maruvaatraavi” (Solar Wind).

  • Vargur is called Wartburg. 1. It sounds similar. 2. It looks similar. Just marvel at this peak of East German engineering:

  • Crane is called “Denny” … Because it’s a Crane.

  • Noctis is “The feather collector”. It picks up feathers after the fight. (it’s also a name of an old local movie… 1960’s European cinema… pure depression… though t would be a funny reference).

  • Porpoise is “Bucket”, because that’s what t is… a big bucket for ore.

  • Have a Cormorant names “Mirnovec” - a name of the famous local fireworks and firecracker manufacturer. That Cormorant is fitted only with fireworks and snowball launchers and used to complete daily activities during festive events (“Hit X capsuleers with fireworks/snowballs” missions). I also undock sometimes just for the fun of it and shoot fireworks at others.

  • Legion named “I am Legion” - to honor Noisia, the absolute gods of Drum and Bass and sound engineering. Sadly, their track called “I am Legion” is nothing special and I don’t like it… but still…

  • Machariel named “Angel Blade” - since Noisia split up a while ago, one of the members formed “Sleepnet”. Sleepnet’s first track is “Angel Blade” - an absolute masterpiece. At the time of publishing on UKF’s channel, no one knew who Sleepnet was since it was kept as a mystery, but the quality of the sound was too obvious. Simply, no one is even close to being as good as Noisia.

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Depends on the Character story and ship type. Gadget’s ships are named after mountain ranges or activities, whereas one of my other character’s ships were named after WWII Japanese ships.

–Lexicographer Gadget

Big Badda Boom coz her cannons make Big Badda Boom.

Fangs other ship is the USS Transylvania.


I had a Rohk once that named “Pain Stick”

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This probably sounds silly, but I theme my ships according to the character. My grand daughter was here when I created the account and she made three “Disney Princesses” for me. Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. I convinced her I should choose some alternate names;

Snow White is Princess Rose Ivory
Cinderella is Princess Rosie Ember
Sleeping Beauty is Princess Rosalie Coma

Keeping in the theme all of Ivory’s ships are named for fictional dwarfs (e.g. King Ironhammer, Thorin, etc. ) and no I haven’t used those Disney 7 dwarfs yet. I really doubt I want a ship called Dopey. She has a battleship called Poisoned Apple. Cinderella was all into woodland creatures and farm animals. Ember’s ships are Hog, Mouse, Goat, etc… Her batteship is called Lady Tremaine. While Coma’s are all about flowers; Tulip, Peony, Daffodil, etc. She lost her battleship in Vecamia, I think you can guess it was Maleficent.

Because all the ladies are in the same clubhouse, they often swap ships and end up flying something belonging to one the other two.

Have fun! o7

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I like series, any that are about space. if it have warp drive, hyperspace, FTL Drive, etc. I can’t help but watch.

So, the names of my ships are: Rocinante, Moya, Andromeda, Tynan, Talin, and so on.

I’ve watched everything you can imagine.
The expanse, Farscape, Star trek(All), Stargate(All), Lost in space, V, Foundation, Andromeda, Altered Carbon, Halo, Firefly, Babylon 5, The Orville, Battlestar Galactica and many others.

I haven’t forgotten about Star Wars, I’m just not a fan. A lot of people are going to be salty about this.

so, that’s how I name my ships, and that’s why I love eve.

I ussually name my ship based on class but also related to something
my venture was dwarves on a ship. my barge is deep rock
then there is my merlin which is merlins beard. my corvax called Totally not a rocket
have a bunch of different names for different ships.

Awww, so sweet

After women. Both real or imaginary. Usually ones that are attractive.

Also sometimes something like “Cheap Thrills” for exceptionally bad ideas or disposable ships or “fatty” for haulers.

I name mine Mr Epeen’s Ishkur.

I’m pretty creative.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Sasha Grey. If you know, you know.

I have a naming convention for all my ships. Ships belonging to Altara all start with A*…ships belonging to a character whose name started with B would be B*. This is so that if I transfer ships I know where the ship originally belongs. On top of that I have various code letters that signify if a ship has cloak, or uses lasers, etc.


You mean like a Gnosis ?

A* Gnosis L1iCV4



Where has that scoundrel @Iceacid_Frostpacker dissapeared to?

Maybe he’s trying to avoid having to pay his due fees. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

PvP ships… Date & Time.