What do you name your ship and why?

Name changes are 1 billion isk.

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I have to hand it to you Frosty.

The sheer creativity of your ship names is pure inspiration. I wish I could be just as creative as you.


For 1 bil ISK he will teach you how to be as creative as he himself is. (Don’t worry the ISK will go into Aiko’s wallet eventually anyway.) :smiling_imp:

Naming his ships frosty, hiding in plain sight.

Whats his is hers (and mine)

Pretty much always named my ships empty like " ".
Copy pasted blank space.

I like it

LOL :rofl:

I just added another battleship to my collection near Jita, I named The Huntsman. This is part of my theme with the Snow White lore. However while testing it by killing rats in HS, I noticed someone in chat say, “Be careful there someone in a Rokh… baiting newbies with cargo boxes.” While there was a lot of cargo boxes in the system, none of them were mine. I guess naming the ship The Huntsman didn’t help either.

Have fun!

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If this in high sec, the newbies deserve to die due to thier greed as get multiple warnings. The rokh is simply educating them.

I TRY to be witty and roundabout with my naming - whether I am is another issue:

So for example I’ll name some tiny ships to be huge ones:
Atron → Minokawa/Kronos
Heron → Phoenix Navy Issue/Navy Dreadnought
Other times I name them to whatever they resemble:
DNI → door wedge
Praxis → dinner’s served
Others to try dissuade hunters:
Venture → fishing rod
Prospect → master baits
Cormorant (salvager) → fast tackle
Or for function:
Tayra (max cargo) → hollow inside
Griffin → wirecutter
Kryos → fridge
Maybe some fun ones:
Metamorphosis (scanner) → lil’ sniff (mine just died >Law and order will be served< so my next one gonna be called lil’ sniff 2)
Name follows form:
Raven → angri seegull
Catalyst → wanna-b-b-wing
Talwar → get your feelers on
Golem → flying spearman
Megathron → swipe card here
Barghest → waffle tank

I also did think of naming a PNI → navy dread-not

I know, they’re bad…


I name my ships after Sims in The Sims 4, a game that I have played for a few years now. Most of the ships are named after female Sims that I have created (for example the Thorax I have is named after Serenity Rune, a sim that forms the name basis for this account).

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Not at all. I can see you getting ganked simply to add all your wierd ship names to a killmail collection.

lol. having a wikipedia page full of “wrecked Kokkara ships” and they are just the links of the wacky killmails XD

I often use names of ships from sci-fi. My current favorite source is The Unincorporated Man series, where I’ve taken Warprize (for my Harbinger battlecruiser), Pickaxe (for my PvE coercer destroyer), and Claim Jumper (for my salvage coercer).

Perhaps just as interesting, every time one of them gets blown up, I increment a number at the end. E.g., I’m on Claim Jumper III (first was lost to a gate camp and the second one as a result of flipping a particularly well stuffed can one too many times in a highsec war zone :slight_smile:…for the record, I managed to pull enough loot from that one can to cover that loss several times over…so it was worth it).

I changed my naming convention. Now it’s random numbers without meaning or reference.

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Yesterday I had changed some of my ship names to my include an extra letter to stand out from just using my normal names.

I think it works well either with a number or a letter to indicate different fitting etc…


missions ship is called the grind
salvage boat is called scounger
other stuffs often just called by its (kindaof) name like OspreyHF or Naracal… nOsprey etc
Brawler fits are usually called snipe or Lrange…
Oh and i have a curse named “doesntmatterwhatinameitucantsee” or something like that

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3.635 billion worth of ships. The question is though, which one is my puppy Iceacid hiding in?

lol that is just one hanger where I have my i SP implant stationed.

Get ready to show my full wealth that would make @Mr_Epeen
Cream, in his pants


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