Law and order will be served

Hello everyone, I’d like to share an experience I just had today when out scanning, hope to share the love with everyone who reads this.

I will add images once I can, because I am a new member to forums


So to set the scene: I decided to do some scanning to help my alliance (and to earn some ISK from hacking sites).
I was flying a (admittedly very poorly fitted) Metamorphosis designed to be swapped out for scanning then hacking - hence the mobile depot and analysers in the cargo hold.

Having finished 2 wormholes and now entering the third wormhole down the chain, that would put me 3 jumps from the null-sec system I had started from. Life was a breeze, though admittedly I had not found any hacking sites, except those named with a “forgotten” or “unsecured” prefix. But this final class 3 wormhole appeared to hold something different. The system itself was very wide, with no structures, and all the unscanned anomalies were clustered right in the middle by the sun. It all seemed quiet with nothing on d-scan and just to be safe, approached the hole so I could insta-jump back. So naturally the probes were out, and the process repeated itself…


At that moment it suddenly occurred to me that an update on the Discord situation was needed, so briefly alt-tabbing away, the little frigate was left idling by the return hole…

…and that sealed its fate…
“you know when you’re scrolling on Instagram and you know you’ve gotta be off quickly but by the time you’re conscious of it you’ve already spent a few minutes? turns out that’s the case for Discord, too…”

to add to the negligence, my sound was temporarily muted so I was totally unaware of the events that were happening right on my other tab.

alt tab

“…OH CRAP WHAT THE HELL!!!” I came back to my shields depleted
and that very quickly turned into depleted armour
and for the first half a second I probably froze but then immediately instincts kicked in and furiously the “enter wormhole” icon was pressed.

“jUmP gOdAmMiT!!!” (yes I used Microsoft paint so what)

At the same time, somehow the agressor was identified to be a pacifier, still unsure how I managed to look at two places at once but sure.

session change already in progress

but no… ticks said no.
capsule ejected
So yay! I lost my meta
“OK, this time ticks aren’t gonna do it right”

“session change already in progress”

transferring consciousness
“OK, ok - that’s the way it is, huh”
So at THIS point, I was seething to be honest, I’d lost my ship, now I’d lost my pod. The true value of my pod did not become clear to me until a lot later, turns out it was triple the value I’d expected due to some implants I had totally forgotten about.

So naturally upon arriving at the my home station, I was feeling preeetty bad about myself. Of course, there was no-one to blame except ME and me only, but it is still pretty bad to lose around 200 mil in fittings and implants. Oh well, it was a lesson to be learned for future - NEVER GO AFK!!!

Metamorphosis | Kokkara Rin | Killmail | zKillboard :frowning: sad times

“oh it’s the wormhole feds… I think I’ve had a run-in with one of them before…”

But every time I die a death, I start a conversation with the killer. I had heard at the very start of my EVE career from someone that veterans can be helpful towards rookies and can even teach them how to avoid future deaths. I’d personally found that starting a conversation with your killers is never a bad thing - even if it’s just for a chat over anything… and so I began…


and the interaction continued… I couldn’t tell if he was being an idiot or a chill dude.

fair enough


So at this point, the next message was taking a while to arrive - and I felt a slight sense of uplift in my body. You know that feeling when your emotions suddenly reverse and you feel like something crazy and unexpected is about to happen? But I tried to supress it - no point is having expectations only to get them crushed, right? But hey, there’s no pain in ahem checking their bio right?
I had a previous experience where I got caught in a Praxis, and the streamer turned out to be no other than our iBeast EvE - I got sent a link to his channel and watched LIVE and he repeatedly bumped me away from the escape hole, until he finally let me go XD

now I WAS just expecting some arrogant bio…



“hold on this that a twitch link?”
NOW it was coming together - could it be possible? No way!
I instantly clicked on the link and I saw him talking with his viewers about his recent kill - he was still exactly where I had died - cloaked, of course.
And then a moment later, this popped up:
“I called it!”
“red carpet treatment and prizes?” wow, this was really happening.

mrj4zzy > o7
“mrjazzy, is that you - Kokkara Rin?”
mrj4zzy > yes it is
Vinne then started to preach his ideologies of being against the explorers, who desecrated historic pirate monuments, robbing their graves, and how us - the “new breed” of newbie capsuleers - had been brainwashed into thinking the pirates were subhuman.
“if ya know, ya know”
I was totally guilty of committing mass murder, robbing graves and vandalising historic monuments…

And in fact now as I write this, I just remembered this…
Squadron Leader: You will pay for that!
Squadron Leader: You murdering bastard! Those men had families!
direct quotes from angel rats
o.o totally not guilty of mass murder

“…and you’ll get 3 prizes. The second one you decide, and the third one will be decided by the twitch viewers so you’d best start talking about how you love their hair, and the colour of their eyes, too… not in a creepy way, but…”

mrj4zzy > I love you all
other user 1 > tell me I am fit

“so fit…”

Vinne then continued talking about the “dirtbags”, and his hate for them :slight_smile:
I was publicly shamed, HUMILIATED, and totally stripped butt-naked in front of the crowd who were probably jeering like spectators in an ampitheatre. My fittings were criticised - I didn’t have the skills to use tech two rails… I had a depot to refit into some filthy hacking… my pod contained learning implants (fair enough) and so on.

Finally, I received the first prize, which was to be printed and framed off at Walmart.
sorry I’m a filthy Brit, not 'murican…

this is gonna be the thing that gets me rejected from uni…
Someone in chat mentioned he missed something - NOW I see it, too…

So what was the next prize? 2 options:

  1. A blueprint (could be a BPO or a BPC - of any type)
  2. A super kerr-induced nanocoating

other user 2 > always go SKIN
other user 3 > the MAA as well

“oh yeah, the third option, is a master-at-arms cerebral accelerator - useful for training those skills you probably need”

I took a moment…

mrj4zzy > the MAA is probably the most sensible choice, but since I am not I will go for the SKIN

Now, I was expecting to be lucky and catch some limited edition SKIN worth hundreds of millions or ever BILLIONS.
“mrjazzy says “the MAA is probably the most sensible choice, but since I am not I will go for the SKIN”… haha ok…”

“Hm that didn’t seem like a valuable one…”
opens evetycoon

dies inside
OH, a 3 mil SKIN…
Well shoot I should have gone for that MAA! haha

you have been gifted a sub!
Oh, nice. I still didn’t really know how those worked…

mrj4zzy > oh, ok

I was then shown the wanted list, and was honourably given a position as the 10th Metamorphosis pilot.
I cursed to myself, for trying to gamble ONCE AGAIN…
Well at least there was a THIRD prize…

“OK mrjazzy, KOKKARA RIN… this final prize is an ISK prize, and it gets decided by the twitch viewers, so hopefully you’ve been winning the crowd over…”
Once again, shoot. I had not. In fact, I was SO engrossed with all the action that I had totally forgotten. OH god, please get a good one…

other user 4 > @mrj4zzy I sent you an accelerator
They did. A standard one at that, but still I hugely respected the act of charity from a total stranger to a clueless newbie who was about to win more prizes anyway.

“Now do not get me wrong, this ISK prize is not because you’ve been a plundering DIRTBAG, but because you’ve been a really cool guy…”
wow, thanks!

mrj4zzy > I love you all guys
other user 5 > @mrj4zzy tell me I’m handsome
mrj4zzy > you are SO handsome
other user 5 > how handsome?
mrj4zzy > so unimaginably handsome
mrj4zzy > impeccably handsome

here I realised just how inept I was at bluffing my way into people’s hearts.
I heard Vinne’s keyboard tapping away

And a vote began - “how much should this dirtbag be given?”

  1. 100 mil
  2. 200 mil
  3. 300mil
  4. 1 billion

To my utmost amazement, the numbers immediately gravitated towards the 4th and greatest choice - 1 billion. “No way!” I thought to myself. 1 billion was NOT going to happen.
Vinne’s voice arrived again, “now, there are people who have been on this channel for years, so they will have thousands of voting tokens… and you can vote more than once, so at the last moment your one hater COULD skew the votes!”
oh please, god no…
And so feeble attempts continued. There was about 30 seconds left in the vote:

mrj4zzy > I love you all
mrj4zzy > I’d rather have you guys than 1 bil
Now THAT one was good
other user 6 > this kid’s going places
I certainly hoped so
The vote was still heavily in my favour, and as the timer ticked closer and closer to zero, I prayed that it stayed that way.
And it did. I could barely believe my eyes. I had lost 200 million but I had gained 1 billion, as well as a part of an amazing community!

Everything after that was a blur.
I thanked the chat, thanked Vinne, and thanked everyone. I was flicking between tabs since I was unsure what to do at this point, but I continued to listen in to the stream and follow Vinne’s words. I had conveniently placed myself at the end of Vinne’s stream, so I was the final bit of content for the next half a day or so.

I sent Vinne an Evemail to thank him and his community for everything they had done for me, and my most sincere gratitude.

9) EDIT:
I had almost forgotten! Something interesting happened after the entire ordeal:
So Vinne ended his stream by telling me he would leave the loot where it was, and that I could get it back. So of course, I did. My trusty Ibis weaved through the wormholes and finally made it to the loot site. I scooped my corpse and my loot, and began heading back. However just as I was about to jump back to the root wormhole, an Archon jumped through the wormhole, and collapsed it!

So, i just warped to an Astrahus owned by LOKI holdings, ejected my Ibis, and self-destructed my capsule. So now some random corp has 5 mil of loot.


So that’s the end of this post. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Vinne and the wormhole feds, who made my Thursday evening so amazing! I loved the community and how tight-knit it was, and how everyone seemed to be on the same page yet to different in and among themselves.

If you enjoyed this story, please support Vinne by checking out his twitch account - vinnegar_dooshay
and equally, you can support me by joining my Discord server, which is a unique community server constantly being updated with new features and tries to gather content in one place!
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I’ll see ya there! o7 fly safe capsuleers!


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That guy is infamous for WH attacks.

Funny thing however: 2 years ago I was with my corp in a wh doing a structure bash. He and a couple of buddies (or alts?) showed up in stealth ships. They wouldn’t engage us. So brave.

We blasted the structure, looted the drop, and left. No issues.

Would have been a glorious fight.


Cool! Thanks, I wasn’t too sure where it belonged. So future stories and experiences go there?

Haha, maybe Vinne only cares about the pirate hacking sites?

That is their role play - protecting the ancients sites in EVE from looters. :upside_down_face:

aha, good to see someone takes it seriously!

though you could say… I was arrested (killed) on SUSPICION of intent to hack.

Because I was only scanning and was not at a hacking site :wink:

You ran afoul of the long arm of the law. Decloaking in WH space is a capital offense.

Vinnie is our hero!

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major edits made - added the images so now it becomes clearer o7

Great content! What a wholesome story.