Interesting drama on zKillBoard - miners blew up a Rupture

14 guys took down 1 Rupture worth over 120 mills:

Have a look at the Rupture’s cargo of over 100 mills. Then out of those 14 guys - 13 of them are Procurers :open_mouth:
So I understand that the Rupture was ganking miners (hence the rich cargo hold) until they united to gank him down? Or was it the opposite - the Rupture was the pirates’ hunter as it had lots of Bounty SCC Encrypted Bond in it’s cargo, and the Procurer guys was a covert ganking party?
Most curious morning crime news :slight_smile:


That looks like a cruiser bumping into an organised mining fleet as it was traveling that then, in short order, killed it. Potentially it’s an ambush by a mining fleet - but that feels less likely.

The mining fleet is 13 mining barges and an industrial command ship. The kill was just off a gate rather than in a belt. The Rapture wasn’t targeting miners - the content of his hold is too varied. Looks like someone wandering nul looking for fun.
A suitably fitted (as I fly 'em) Procurer has the same tank as a Cruiser, and a nasty bite with drones. If one cruiser tangled with them them he’s toast.

An interesting spot though. And a nice reason to fly Procurers

So saying, the victim’s killboard makes an interesting read:


Agreed. From your well pointed Victim’s bio it seems that he is just wandering around without a discernable purpose - he/she is not someone would stalk for a reason

I think the miners had cargo scanners and understood that he is not a gankers’ scout but a juicy random catch

I imagine that if 13 Procurers unleashed all their drones - all Warriors II (speed bonus) - the Rupture had no chance to escape as it’s too slow. Jeez, it’s like 5 x 10 x 13 = 650 Warrior II drones? It’s starts looking like a ganking gang - take a look at the corp’s killboard:

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Do you go with your Procurer to nullsec and WH?

No. I rarely mine now - only to relax really.
When I do go somewhere dangerous then I’ll take either a Prospect (ninja mining) or a Venture fitted for gas.

It’s thin income compared to my manufacturing operation - which nicely funds the toys budget.


Good on them, but I’m not sure “drama” really applies:


Oh, and we almost started a quite nice lil’ Sci-Fi story here - Discord ruined it all! :smiley:


So basically you buy all the materials and then manage all the operations?

I do the value add bit - turning bought materials into finished goods. For example: if I need Titanium to make a Coercer then I buy it rather than go and mine Veldspar and process it.

I specialise in T2 modules and ammunition. There are components I use where there is a substantial value add in the production of those items as well - it’s all about understanding your supply chain.
Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations should be compulsory reading

Eve as a Manufacturing Business Simulator.

Yes: I have Spreadsheets.


Why tenfold? It’s 65 Drones. Also enough, though…
Flycatcher for the Bubble, possibly one Procurer as a bait - well done fleet action :slight_smile:

From time to time I joined Newbro Roams in Meta/T2-fitted Velators or armed Ventures. This really can be fun, and the loss is neglectable if you get blown up.

Thanks a lot for your honest and comprehensive insights and tips! That’s what I keep telling - EVE is not just a shooter, it’s an extremely deep strategy game (manufacturing & trade is also strategy). Possibly the most complicated since the invention of chess

So I understand you have the economics degree?

Well, I have my notes as well so it’s not surprising that for more complicated operations one would need spreadsheets

Thank you very much! It was the most interesting!

5m2 drones fit into a 50m2 drone bay, multiplied by the amount of Procurers?

Thanks for educating me about all the ‘dirty tricks’ :smiley: Though there is a lot more of them so newbies will keep blowing up :slight_smile:
A question: can I bait with something much more cheaper? Why to waste a procurer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you share such Venture’s fitting please? Sound real fun - especially for a trap for gankers :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, Theoretical Physics.

The number you can deploy/control at any one time is limited by the drone bandwidth the ship has and capped by the pilots Drones skill.
You can’t control more than five in space at a time.

The Procurer does have a 50% bonus to drone damage - which does help a fair bit.


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“Go” would like to have a word…


Well hello there.

I started my first year in Uni physics because I loved - and still do - astrophysics, but then there was no such option. By the end of the year the studies went completely nuts - one formula taking the whole blackboard which still was only an approximate calculation of something - I then I decided to quit :slight_smile:

Makes sense, otherwise gangs could over-spam the space with them :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

You mentioned you specialize in production. I was thinking - maybe you could kindly sell me a simple T1 cruizer/battlecruizer BPC to try things out? Or is it not worth it, the BPCs? Should I just go for full-price BPOs and research them?

Haha :smiley: Fair point! However, first of all Go is a way much older then Chess. Secondly, the Chess rules are more complicated. Thirdly… here comes the EVE with even more complicated, sophisticated, and ever evolving rules.

I remember a scene from some Star Trek series where Vulcans played some 3D version of chess - it was amazing to get a glimpse into the future of intellectual games.

Then were was an incredible attempt to imagine that by the Scifi genius Iain Banks (R.I.P.) - The Player of Games (1988) (The Culture series, highly recommended all of them)

And today we have EVE which is not so distant from the Iain Bank’s concept but a way more futuristic and complex, when you think of it. Just a shame, it won’t work if/when electricity and/or internet is gone :smiley:

Maybe we should develop a tabletop version of EVE for the future post-apocalyptic generations to enjoy?

Happy to run them off for you - free of charge (I’m feeling kind). I’m not online for the next week or so (holiday). They’ll be in Amarr I’m afraid since that’s home for me.

Thank you very, very much! Allow me to give you back 1-2 ships in return as a “thank you”! I will dust off my spreadsheet too - it will be an interesting exercise. Also, I’m glad to travel and visit new places, learn more about systems, factions, and ganking gangs :rocket: /me starts waxing my shuttle
And most importantly - happy holiday! It’s nice that you will have a break from the EVE’s warfare :slight_smile: