Pandemic Legion griefs a newbro miner

We learned earlier today that Pandemic Legion was griefing a newbro miner.

Safety forces responded and we caught one of the space bullies.

If you want to support our newbro miner assistance, send isk to Aiko Danuja


sent :wink:

Get a life seriously


I feel as the post says. she already has a great one :smiley:

Learn to EVE kthx :smiley:

The newbro Venture was happy to receive my assistance.

Oh no, someone pvps in a pvp sandbox!


lmk when you learn how to leave highsec.

Highsec is the arena of ELITE PvP.

Come to Delve if you want to practice.

The floodplains are yours for the taking!


Pandemic Horde ganked a newbie? That’s new, all I seen them do is hide - BORING.

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Was in a little corp of high sec bandits called Avon Cosmetics. Got war dec’ed by a corp whose leader was a so called experienced null sec pvp’er (F1 Monkey). Told us he would kick sand in our (insert female anatomy). Their corp disbanded after they got whooped by the ladies from hell.

Highsec is the arena of ELITE PvP


Oh we get that a lot from null pilots. It is just white noise by now.


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posting to check my culture count

You need your eyes tested, the Princess does not lie.

I know you’re trolling hard, but for those that don’t…

The facts of the OP can easily be proven patently false.

First time hearing that term…

Sounds like an interesting story care to elaborate, I have popcorn at the ready

@Hedliner welcome , just doing what the forum lord’s wish and welcoming you to C&C.

Who are you and would you care to introduce yourself :blush:

Why do so many null bears say things like this , yes we do have a lot of new players here , it’s the only place they can start . But remember not all of us have only lived here.

Then when we get one of you wonderful warriors telling us we are all doing it wrong and gankers are easy to stop , a week later they run off back to null.


This coming from a catalyst jockey, griefing more new players/miners then anyone…

Highsec, lowsec, wormhole, nullsec, we pvp everywhere

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Null blocheads on the forums be like