Suicide ganking community

Looking for players to join me in suicide ganking operations. I have many characters and plenty of experience.

for profit or miners?

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miners = profit = answered

When are you active?

For profit and to kill large juicy expensive prey!

I’ll be active next month on Friday nights and Week-ends.

I’ve always wanted to get into this, just have no idea how. Can -10 do it or is that not possible.

I might be interested in this. have done a little CODE back in the past but not really done it for making isk. Contact me in game if you want.

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I started my first expensive kill ops of this year 2 days ago with friends, and we got two large targets. We have more ops planned. Will contact you today.

Yes, all my alts are -10. Contact me in-game, I’ll show you how.
See kills above:

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