Suggestions for suicide ganker profession advert

Now that alpha accounts can be used in suicide ganking, we have the ability to create hundreds of viable suicide ganker alts at no cost. Suicide ganking just got even more accessible, so isn’t it about time that it became a featured playstyle and we had a description for this activity? It almost seems like CCP is ignoring the elephant in the room after reinforcing this as a playstyle that new players can partake in.

For this last January, Concord recorded asset kills higher than any seen since 2010.

And SGs are even learning they can gank skiffs now.

How would you honestly advertise this playstyle?

Do you enjoy inflicting devastating losses on random people over the internet while risking nothing yourself? Do you enjoy beating up on newer/casual players who have been given a false sense of security and taking months or even years worth of their stuff?
Do you prefer easy targets to a challenge?

Make today your first day in EVE online as the Suicide Ganker!

It is guaranteed quality.


You muppet


You always just fall all over yourself to desperately trying to insult me, don’t you? :laughing:

How many years have you been living on these forums, winner?

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Nah man, you do it yourself without any help.


Honestly, I think he’s right: You did do it yourself. Publicly advertising breaking the rules? :roll_eyes:

Even if you claim to mean that they are throwaway alts used one by one, biomassing characters to avoid the consequences of sec status loss is not considered proper either.

As far as I know, people do it legally by having multiple omega accounts that are financed by also being SP farms. It’s no more relevant now than it was back when skill extractors were introduced.


You think wrong. There are no rules against creating hundreds of ganker alts. Where did I advertise breaking the rules? Your failure is in your thoughtless assumptions. Who said anything about biomassing?

You gotta check your head to be taking sides w/ someone who spends as much time posting in every thread as ramona.

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This is as sad as it is true.


Here’s my try at an advert:

“Ever want to be a mean bully and get back for all the times you were harassed? Hey, EVE Online is the game for you! In a very short time you can train up to destroy ships and annoy other players to no end! Who cares if the players are new, nobody gave you a chance either, right? Be a first-class sleazebag and thumb-sucking punk by bumping other ships and worse! If you’ve had a bad day and can’t cope with the big, bad outside world then log in and go nuts! AND the best thing about all of this is; IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!




Piracy and suicide ganking are older than dirt in Eve and were there when it first opened the Eve Gate to the world.

It didnt become popular until the Hulkaggedon Marathons started by Helicity Boson so many years ago as a way to sell more hulks to miners.

Creating gank alts has gone up but then with the introduction of tags being a ganker on any character you wish too is now just a pay to get out of jail scenario anyway. From -10 to 0 should cost you approx 317mil and all your high sec “sins” will be forgiven. Sure youll have to deal with the 30 days worth of killrights. But making characters just for ganking alone given this handy tag tool can make anyone a billy badass ganker in a hurry.

So I think youre rattling in the wind on this one with your fly open again…:smiling_imp:

Gosh, I guess eventually those damn millennials will win at turning this game into a yet another steaming pile of cheap themepark garbage.

I mean, they moaned and got their injectors, they moaned and got their alphas, they moaned and got their cheap hop in hop out micro-transac options, and now they want more, safezones, consensual pvp … you name it …

And CCP will be only too eager to oblige to keep the ADD entitled fuckwit demographics happy.

The true sandbox mmo genre really is a lost cause with newer generations.


You will rarely ever see a Skiff getting ganked in high sec that isn’t the result of being a valid war target. The Skiff you linked had a laughably horrible fit and even then it still took 6 gankers to take it down…




Both sides of that looks boring.

Eatin rocks in RL atleast provokes a response.
That ganking has got to plain just suck.
Market pvp is near impossible with bots.
Hauling doesn’t pay and puts me to sleep.
Alliance fleets lol one word fun tidi.
Merc could be fun but I don’t have years to make the cut into a reputable corp.
Exploration is fun,until you keep getting outclassed. Only to be left with salvage.
Don’t feel like hiding in a WH. I hear the smell collects in holes.

I’m looking for a positive. Maybe I have the wrong glasses on.

CCP I’m throwing you a rope with cash on my end. You only need to reach for it.
Not even an echo?
Only thing left to do is to ask who wants my stuff.

I nearly forgot. There was this one girl at Jita in the station. She had the best…
Last time we spoke all she said was beep bop beep beep reee!
I’m thinking it might have been her new heels. That’s what might be different from the last time.
Then I got locked out.
Oh well there’s always tomorrow. :smile:

Did I sum it up right? If so this ends the thread. :face_with_monocle:

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If youd ask me I think its the majority of the Bell curve 2+2=5 crowd trying to think for themselves again…:smiling_imp:

EVE Online: "Im not having fun unless you are not having fun!’’

Join now for free!


Ironically the only trow away alts to circumvent consequences which are not pure fiction are OPs forum alts with which he circumvents the forum banns he got previously.


Poorly fitted ship for high sec mining - check.

Implied “I lost my ship and it’s not fair” - check.

Passive-aggressive intonation - check.

Implied “CCPlease fix this mechanic” - check.

Yep, it’s a thinly veiled suicide ganking whine thread all right.


That’s only because we’ve had someone smartbombing pods in our fleets. I could put my corp API on zkill and prolly double the Concord stats for Jan with the 1-2k Talos I’ve used that month.

The amount of people suicide ganking has been on a heavy decline for a long time. If me and the other 3-4 multiboxing stopped playing the amount killed would drop 80-90%

Much like you with the trash posts/threads you ■■■■ out?