Suggestions for suicide ganker profession advert

actually he created it to highlight the weakness of mining barges to suicide ganking.

all the buffs to the boats are due to his events… the tears, loot, and mayhem were just icing.

And it had nothing to do with the 3 hulk T2 BPOs he owned? Nor stagnant sales? Or wanting more isk?:thinking:



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Yeah. Uhuh. Suuuure. I hate Helicity Boson for one reason… it wasnt my idea.:roll_eyes::smiling_imp::money_mouth_face:

You are delivering officer grade quality salt for months now all over the forums. I just quickly want to say thanks.

It would be interesting to know what you lost that triggered that flood of tears. Maybe you can share your story with us? Was it an empty pod?



I’m not mad

As he posts tears


I’m not sure, you carebares look all alike, but if I remember correctly it was about a Mammoth right Fab Rod? Or was that some other carebear?

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Not sure how he hasn’t been banned (again) yet. I don’t think he goes more than a post without name calling. I’m pretty sure if I called someone a moron literally every other post, I would have been long gone.


I called someone Holeysheet and I got temp banned
Funny since it was him, funnier since he got wiped too lmao

Gone are those days tho, but we have a new contender :wink:

My man of straw gif is apparently trolling. Personally I feel it was appropriate considering the OP

I must have hurt someone’s feelings as I got an official spanking for it.

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he who has the most alts and ips holds all the power

There are a lot of activities CCP put into the game intentionally and even and a lot more players generate themselves, It would be cumbersome to divide all these activities into minuscule fragments and create adverts for them all. The current system is enough, you also have your corp description to use for your ‘flavor’ of pvp.

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I enjoy killing baby seals

Do you eat their eyes or hearts first when you do?

I prefer the hearts to the oyster like eyes. Lil cianti sauce and fava beans…:smiling_imp:

People keep repeating this nonsense about making money off the event.
It’s quite simply not true (though I really wish it were at times).

The interest lied in the attention I got off it.

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Quite a bit late, but moved on over to Crime and Punishment.



Edit: I think OP is banned anyway, so why not just close it. There are hundreds of this threads


Hey, would you look at that.

Probably for the best. Closed.