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Welcome to EVE Online. If you are new to EVE Online it is a wondrous place where you can become almost anything you can imagine. However, in this universe of 1’s and 0’s, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

To give you a jump start with knowing some of the highsec ganker outfits, I have compiled a list of ganker alliances, corporations, and pilots who engage in ganking activities in High Security space “O.5 – 1.0” or (Highsec) for short. Their reasons for ganking and preferred targets vary from group to group, but the outcome is the same. They destroy your vessel in Highsec space, and don’t care about losing their ship(s) to CONCORD who are the In-game NPC police, through suicide ship ganking, as their ganker ships are relatively cheap and basic fit “Disposable” DPS ships. The gankers count on CONCORD’S delayed response time to destroy their target “You” before CONCORD arrives to destroy the gankers.

PLEASE NOTE: Virtually every ship in EVE Online is susceptible to suicide ganking under certain conditions, it’s just a matter of DPS, time, and a bit of luck, but you can make it more difficult for the gankers “And thwart them” by learning avoidance techniques, tanked ship fittings of commonly targeted ships, and above all-else, “Situational awareness.



Train to fly the Procurer, which is the highest HP starting mining barge and is relatively easy to get into skill wise. Later, you can train for it’s upgrade the Skiff. The Retriever and Coveter Mining Barges and their Tech2 variants have higher mining yield bonuses, but the trade off is they don’t have much overall HP and are much easier to destroy by suicide gankers and more expensive to replace. There are recommended fits that I will link later, however for now, you can find tanked fits for the Procurer and Skiff, as well as the mining booster/command ships the Porpoise and Orca easily in up-to-date online guides.


Pay attention to local chat “Local” for flashing red tagged pilots “Criminals”, or the pilots that have been red tagged if you adopt the recommended standings for the entities listed further down below. What you are watching for are a gang of them if you are in a tanked mining ship, or even a single ganker if you are not in a tanked mining ship, to show up in local. If you see one or many show up in local that is your queue to dock up in a station and find another activity to do for a little while until they get bored and move on.


Zkillboard is a third party database tool that will show you in-game activities including recent ganks in star systems, and who is conducting them as well as a wealth of other EVE Online related data. I recommend you look up a few of the entities listed below, to get familiar with their frequented systems, favored targets and active times of day relative to EVE’s in-game time and your local standard time. - Link To:


It is a silly scam based on an even sillier role play “RP” fad that has taken over most gankers in high security space like a virus. Basically they “Claim” all of High Security space as their own, and if you an “Illegal miner" without a text written “Permit” displayed in the Biographical (Bio) tab of your character details then they claim this is what makes you are a target for their ganking. They swear up an down that if you buy their fake permit, you will be immune from ganking but you will not. They have no way to track these fake permits, nor do they care to, and many who have had such typed permits in their Bio’s have been ganked just the same. Basic point DONT BUY THE MINING PERMIT! If you do pay it, those proceeds go right back into helping them gank other miners/pilots. So DO NOT BUY A MINING PERMIT, it’s a scam plain and simple and affords you no safety.


If you are ganked and the gankers want to convo you or EVE mail you. It is best not to respond. Some may try to “Educate you” but there are just as many who are toxic/sociopathic players who want nothing more than for you to respond in anger so they can post it in their bios and in their ganker chat channel’s to laugh about.

There are better ways to “Educate” new players so don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you riled up, just take a breather, and re-evaluate your plan going forward. If you want some positive advice about EVE Gameplay, ask any of the Anti Ganking or any non-ganking corporations for advice in the various help chat channel’s. through your in game chat interface.

If you must respond to a ganker just say “Calm Down Ganker” and move on with your gameplay further away from the gankers activities.


There are at least two in Highsec who’s names we shall not repeat. This also is part of their scam system. “I have my theory’s on why they are adopting this approach but we’ll not go into that in detail here.” In any case it’s part of their roll play, and overall strategy to feed more ships into their ganking activities by having “pet miners” “DO NOT JOIN THEIR MINER CORPORATIONS!” It’s just another scam to try and manipulate you into playing the game the way they want you to, not the way you could discover all on your own with advice from folks who don’t shoot you and call it “Educating you”. Yes, pvp is a part of this game and so is ganking, but you don’t need to be a pvper solely to enjoy the game if you like non pvp activities of which there are a variety, though they do take a little time to get started with skill training and practice.


Resource For Threat Evaluation’s of Pilots, See Owner Instructions For Proper Use.

EVE Online Database Website

I will update this posting from time to time, but for now, have fun, and fly safe pilot! o7 “Resumes coffee drinking.”

To view this same list In-game, join chat channel [GANKER LIST] and right click/menu each listed entity - add contact - set standings to RED aka “Terrible” If you mine, transport, or mission run in High Security Space.


Safety. - Zkillboard Link
Safety. Net - Zkillboard Link
Credo Crusaders - ZKillboard Link
CODE. - Zkillboard Link
Intergalactic Conservation Movement - Zkillboard Link
Goonswarm Federation - Zkillboard Link
Fraternity. - Zkillboard Link
Fraternity University - Zkillboard Link
WAN7ED - Zkillboard Link
Coalition of Customs Professionals - Zkillboard Link
Gimme Da Loot - Zkillboard Link
I too am gay - Zkillboard Link
The Vegemite Collective. - Zkillboard Link
Malicious Mineral Hounds - Zkillboard Link
PKing Since Pong - Zkillboard Link
HighSechnaya Shalupen - Zkillboard Link
Novus Ordo. - Zkillboard Link
R I O T - Zkillboard Link
CONTROL. - Zkillboard Link
I Could Do Better - Zkillboard Link
lost boys alliance - Zkillboard Link
Highsec Liberation Front - Zkillboard Link


Strike Holding Corporation - Zkillboard Link
Bunny N Beer - Zkillboard Link
Slavers Union - Zkillboard Link
Slumbered For Millennia - Zkillboard Link
Blood Raiders Children Orphanage Charity - Zkillboard Link
Delve Botters and Rorqual Broadcasters Anonymous - Zkillboard Link
Leopard Extermination Society - Zkillboard Link
The Anvil Empire - Zkillboard Link
Honeybright - Honeybright | Corporation | zKillboard
CYBERFRIENDS. - Zkillboard Link
Stalkers - Zkillbaord Link
New Eden Corporation 98678667 - Zkillboard Link
Blow Job Dude - Zkillboard Link
Hugs-N-Kisses - Zkillboard Link
Brothers of Tangra - Zkillboard Link
Die Schlaechter Legion - Zkillboard Link
BOOK OFF - Zkillboard Link


Calm down miner


How do we know these guys are actual gankers? Sounds like these guys are all normal, upstanding citizens if you ask me.


Calm down you two gankers


Im not a ganker.

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You missed the Slavers Union but not a bad list

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Pretty much everyone is red to me.


Thank you. I’ll update accordingly. The Alliance of " I could do better " seems to be pals of theirs as well.

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Yes, good luck with maintaining this list. This is an alternative way of tracking gankers, other than using the unwieldy in-game contacts list, which inevitably fills up ( I have 1000 contacts sadly).

This list is also reflected on [GANKER LIST] channel in game for quicker standings setting.

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That’s like 99% of eve pal,

Are you in goons?

This is good info and a good practice for a quick snapshot of danger levels in local.

I also recommend using for quick zkill summaries.

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Nice thread, good job on including a list.

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Nope and can never be, flew into goon space and took shots at goons and associates merely for S&G and my understanding is once you shoot at goons this earns you a ban from recruiting.

The second thing is I simply don’t agree with their antics, just too trollish and the attitude, do I know goons personally, nope, so I have no true basis to say their attitude is absolutely bad but I’ve been around long enough to know I don’t have the heart of a goon, I’d rather not have that image.

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Thank you for the input, I’ll look into the recommendation a little more. Best, o7

You noticed who is missing from this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t.

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