High security dangerous systems guide

Dangerous areas of high security space .

These following systems have gank fleets attacking pilots at the gates:



Aufay- the gankers here can often gank in the next sys in the line of travel, Jita to Rens route


The fleets in above systems can often be of a size that they can take on any target.

The next group of systems are areas gankers work out from and will travel to find a target , they will have a scout looking for miners or probers scanning your mission spots or looking into combat and scanning sites.

Isanamo- targets: miners , mission runners, small cargo ships, and an afk pilots

Poinen- targets: mission runners, miners, this sys has a SOE lvl 4 agent close by , they will watch for bling ships undocking and scout will follow to mission spot and call in gank fleet.

Abudban- interesting sys , the gankers are ore and ice miners who gank who ever they can to stop others mining there but they will gank any pilots whom ever they find in mission spots or running sites

Perimeter- and systems around leading out from jita , a favourite place for tornado gankers after small high value cargo , you will be scanned in jita most of the time and they lay in wait for you. These are hard to counter as they die to NPC security very fast but they only need to fire one shot.
Please send kill rights to any AG member and we will kill them,this is the best way to combat gankers with high sec status, go to in-game channel anti-ganking and ask who to send them to. I’ll do a post later with a list of people and areas they hunt . Need to get the kr to the right people.

New Info

Slavers Union- numbers around 20 gankers. Leader: R-O-B-O-C-O-P
Region : Sing Laison and Metropolis
Systems: Deltole and Lanngisi

Deltole they mostly gank at gates and Lanngisi has a lvl4 SOE agent so they look for bling mission runners

I’ll update this as I receive or remember information and please feel free to post or mail me any ganker activity that starts up in your area.

Novus Ordo.
Standard miner and mission running ganker , but also take part in hunting people coming out of the abyss in bling ships .
around jita and somtimes Minmatar space


I know this places. It’s a place of Farmers saying their doing Elite PVP. I hope CCP will finish and finalize their proving grounds experiment and let the REAL PVPrs do their thing.

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If you legit want this to be a dangerous system guide, you need every system within 3 jumps of any of the Triglavian systems listed as they can spawn roaming fleets (Though the behaviour was listed as changed last patch notes so not sure what the changes are yet)


Someone has a site for that already, I’ll link it later

In other news… Oranges are Orange.


But many new player don’t know or understand what’s what with high sec travel .

And getting more people to hand in kr to the right people can only be good

Do you want to be on the list to received killrights :relaxed:


But when was the last time a new player got ganked while traveling?

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So why say it here?

You should post where there are new players

I can point people to this post if interested

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Seems counter productive to want to bring people to the forums, but sure, why not.

Look for all the 50 mil T1 hauler kills to a single ganker.
They’ll take that sort of kill regularly and it’s easy to get.
End of the world, of course not, but a guide for awareness for them, yeah


Sounds like a very cheap lesson that will pay off by saving many times more than the value of that loss in the future.

So is reading a guide.
This is not some call to nerf ganking, or any gameplay changes, it’s literally just a guide. So settle.


Better be a heck of a guide.

I’d imagine that someone taking a much more expensive loss in the future would blame the guidemaker for their hardship.

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The thankless bastards!


And then the ganker will say “I’m good at PVP, PVE players are lame should be nerfed.”
Ganking is Just Farmers stealing from other Farmers.


Thanks Githany for taking the time to write up this. It may help some pilots avoid problems, or at least, be aware of the problem systems.


Thank you very much for the info.
Taking notes…


I’ll add to the post as I get time with more into, but looking on zkill at the sys your going though will give you the pirates you need to set to red and watch local .


Shame what happened to niarja. that would have been on this list if it wasn’t trig’d. Made amarr to jita interesting. Given how dead the area can be they really should have left if alone. MOre ships were probably lost in niarja old setup than this new trig space on a daily basis.

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