Dealing with suicide gankers

Is it possible to effectively counter suicide gankers in a mining situation with skiffs and logi support?

What you consistently hear about with Eve is “adapt or die.” With that in mind how does the above “adapt” scheme look?

Since they’re suicide gankers, you’re talking high sec. Which means your easiest options are :

  1. Stay alert, use local and D-Scan, be aligned, have decent tank, warp out at first sign of trouble.

  2. Have more tank, be a little less alert, bring some ECM drones, ECM their tackle when they show up and warp out.

  3. Have even more tank, have combat potential with your drones, have local friends you can call in, use ECM drones to cut down their DPS, and basically survive until you either kill them, your friends arrive, or Concord shows up to smoke them.

Being alert and fit to run is probably your best option. If you don’t run before they can lock you, you’re in pretty iffy territory. If they weren’t confident of killing you they probably wouldn’t even start the fight. If 30 gank-fit destroyers decide it’s your day to explode, you don’t have a lot of options.

Best thing to do is make it harder and more expensive for them to try and take you on. CODE. is mostly bored losers trying to feel better about themselves by ganking easy targets and pretending they’re doing something important. They’re not really looking for a fight.


If they really want you dead, you gonna die.
That being said, if the gankers are just looking for LOLs and tears, you don’t have to be the fastest gazelle, just not the slowest. Keep the Hulks, Macks, Covts, Rets, for group ops with security. “Solo” with procs and skiffs, you’ll not be bothered too much.

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So they target the barges? Are they brazen to the point of hitting the orcas or porps?

Think of them as predators. They are looking for the weak and easy kills. Well most of the time. So yes a well tanked skiff will normally be left alone.


Orcas have a ton of HP, so they would require a greater number of gankers.
If they had that many gankers, why not just get guaranteed kills on the barges?

I’m sure gankers have managed to kill orcas.

My answer for the op:
Tank and ecm drones are a good deterrent. Destroyers (the preferred ship for gankers) don’t have a high sensor str.

Paying attention is also effective. Gankers can often be spotted on d-scan sometime before a gank so use it as an early warning system.

Mine in a group. The gankers are working together and so should you. Safety in numbers is a real thing. More eyes means a better chance of spotting bad guys early.


Don’t forget you can assign ‘worst standing’ to corps and alliances, and watch local to see if any red-flagged ships show up. This won’t protect you from small corps or solos but you will spot the larger groups as soon as they enter system.

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That is easy. You just get a mining permit for 10mil ISK per year and follow the Code.


Play a better game

This is good advice apart from a decent tank, which in most cases means a well tanked skiff.

Knowledge and experience are essential. Know your surroundings and who operates there regularly. Anyone in local who doesn’t fit in, is a potential threat and should be watched.

I’m currently investigating alternative or additional homesteads in High and Low Sec. First thing I do is spend time investigating the local inhabitants, so that I know. who really belongs there and who is just passing by or a potential threat.

Basically you don’t want to be there anymore, when they land on the grid where you mined.


Get a permit…

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so, in other words, “obey the Code”.


have a anti-gank / anti-suicide gank support team ready to undock or even logged off to log in. Train a couple of times with Friendly Fire On and then turn the hunter into the hunted AND have both PVE & PVP fun.

The easiest solution to the “suicide ganking problem” is not being afk. That way you don’t need friends who watch over you and your friends aren’t going to lose ships when the suicide gankers decide that they’re better targets than the mining ships.

You’re on the right track. In a PVP situation the goal is survival as others have said. Get a couple of guys in your corp to create 2nd accounts who are trained in logi and can dual box a miner and a logi alt. In fact, all miners should have a pvp dual boxing alt with a T1 PVP cruiser used provide defensive DPS in a gank situation.

The goal here is to work as a team and protect your mining ships using whatever game feature is available to you.

You have a good attitude towards Eve, keep asking questions like this. I’m glad you are part of the Eve Online gaming community.

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This "adapt " is just BS.
You can’t react in time, because they know where you are 1 j away (cloaky covert ops). There is no room for reaction. I already saved retrievers from gankers (several times) with an orca having ancil rep in the highs. But then they adapt, and throw one more catalyst every time. 3,4,5… There is no real effect on ganking people, it costs nothing for barges, so it’s just a matter of them trying again.

The only thing you can do, is get more tank, and them watch as they cry on the forum that “orca are too strong”.


You had it right until here. Everything past that sentence drifted away from “survival” towards the opposite, because the “protection fleet” will become targets. The mining ship survives, yay, but would have cost less if it had been the target instead. The easiest and best solution is not to be afk. It’s to have the overview on visible, the ship visible while zoomed out, staying permanently aligned and warping out as soon as the enemy fleet comes in.

It’s also far more economical, because it binds less resources to a single ship. The alts or friends, who wrongly believe to be protecting the mining ship, could be put to better use.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone complain about this. But I have seen a lot of people crying about ganking.

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