How do I prevent my orca getting ganked?

So I was thinking about getting an orca to mine with my alt hulk and then I looked at the zKillboard and saw bunch of orcas getting ganked in high sec 10-15-20 catalysts, or whatevers.

So my question is, other than tanking the orca to 900 ehp overheated with Nirvanas, what can you do to prevent getting killed by these *****? I havent played in a while but I see this ganking of orcas has become favorite past time of some really bored people.

From what I saw there is a lot you can do to prevent getting your Marauder ganked, freighters, transport ships, etc, but not with the Orca?

  • Even if you see local spike and warp off immediately you cannot warp out fast enough to prevent the gank.
  • You cant tank it enough to make it nearly impossible to gank.
  • Even with mwd, the gank will land on you before you can get far enough away.

Having a hulk alt I was thinking fitting the hulk with two webs and webbing the orca if local spike so it can warp out fast. Or switching out the hulk with a webbing ship and do the same thing.

Any suggestions?

**Yo Quiero Mining :smile:


What an idiotic reply. Thanks.

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Fit a Higgs Rig and an MWD. If you are running the industrial core or compressing it won’t matter because you can’t move anyway…

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Easiest solution is to just use a Porpoise. The boosts aren’t much less than an Orca and you can get the align time down to about 5 seconds…


The point is to use the Orca, not to use another ship. Why have the Orca if it can be easily replaced by another ship?!

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Then run the risk of getting ganked. That’s up to you. Personally, I’d rather risk losing a 100 million ISK ship vs a 2 billion ISK ship any day…

The Porpoise will be off grid long before your Hulk, leaving your Hulk to get shanked. Why must you use an Orca anyway? It’s meant to be a fleet support ship, not a solo AFK Netflix roid hog…


You can thank HateLesS Gaming for that, because he got bumped in an Orca and has turned everything he stands for and his whole platform into crying and being anti-ganking anti-PvP carebear. Safety didn’t like that, so:

My suggestion is to use another ship or accept the fact you’re deliberately choosing to fly a ship known to be specifically targeted these days.


DC Bulkheads, T2 bulkhead rigs, extender and 3 multispecs, 1 or 2 shield command modules and an AB to shorten your align time. Few implants help as well.

Now you have more than enough EHP to be far less of a target than most other Orca’s so there’s a high chance they’ll go for those instead. Beyond that, not being afk and paying attention to local combined with your shortened align time means you can get out just fine.


Nothing will prevent your Orca being ganked if the ganker is determined and equipped to do it.

You can make yourself a less attractive target, sure, or you can adopt the suggestions others have made here and elsewhere; but with enough DPS, any ship can be ganked in Highsec.


Damage control, bulkhead, hull rigs.
Do what you need to get the 500mn on it.

You will see the gank coming. You’ll probably have more than the needed 10 seconds to cycle the mwd and warp out.

In spite of what you may be lead to believe flipping through zkill or reading salty threads, getting ganked in an orca almost requires you to be afk and/or botting.

Except for one dedicated dude, no one bothers with orcas. They’re still broken. Marauders are too.
But pve has been børked for a while now, so broken at least provides some semblance of normal isk making.
Bob help the newbros trying to save up for their first battleship playing today’s EvE.


I am sorry, there are ways to prevent the Orca gank and I am very community friendly and help a lot of people to learn as much as possible in EVE, but this time I won’t help you because I am rooting against the Orcas in the Orca War.

I am just here to tell you that there are ways, keep studying and learning and you will find them.


Orcas are broken in what way?

Why the hell is there even an Orca war?!

I don’t know his reasons.

I have my reasons, my reasons are

  • everybody who is not my alt has to die
  • in many cases they are my enemies in EVE or alts of my enemies
  • they are farming endless ISK and becomming powerful
  • they are making more alts, taking more skill injectors
  • they are hogging the PLEX from the market
  • there’s a market war as always was
  • the ISK war is the only permanent war on EVE, this is the big war
  • miners are boring with their mining mentality
  • my experience with miners in the past was uber toxic in general
  • sometimes I build Orcas and other stuff
  • other reasons

How has his class action lawsuit against CCP for allowing bullying and griefing going? Have not heard anything for awhile! Lol these simps…


Yo Quiero Taco Bell

You need help, mental help. Looks like you have issues beyond this game. I asked for a technical solution and you reply with some fanatical nonsense. Not interested in your opinion. Thanks

LOL, lawsuit against CCP for griefing? wtf