Question about ganker DPS - close thread please

So I’m flying an Orca and am wondering how vulnerable I am to gankers in high sec space.

My EHP is 317k (or thereabouts). I realize that ANYone can be ganked. A fleet of battleships could descend upon me and blap me in a few seconds.

My question is about how likely such a scenario is. I would never fully AFK mine, but it takes me 1-2 minutes to warp so I’d be a sitting target for a while even if I reacted as soon as a ganker warped to a belt.

How nervous should I be about gankers? Is it very unlikely to be a problem?

Part of the reason I ask is that I have been kicking around the idea of hosting boosted mining fleets open to the public.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Your not likely to get ganked due to the Orca’s large tank and the logistics needed to assemble a large enough fleet to get the job done before they get concordokkened. Triglavians recon squads are a bigger threat. Fit a 500mn MWD on an Orca and you can be in warp in around 10 seconds.

Set CODE, CONDI and so on -10 and you see them coming into system. A few Taloses can make short work of your Orca. No one is going to gank with battleships. However, since Orcas don’t drop anything worthwhile or that could possibly compensate for the lost gank ships, you are mostly safe. Mostly because some people may just attack you because they are bored or just don’t like you or because of other typical EVE reasons for violence.

.6 and up the amount of talos required to do the job before concord shows up gets oppressive. It’s something like 16 talos in .6 space.

compact fits nicely.

I don’t remember the maximum values exactly.
I think it’s ± 600 DPs for catalyst, 1200 DPs for bomber, 1800 DPs for talos.

Just checked, before implants : name, DPS, price, and DPS/price

polarized talos is 2k DPS, 166M, 12 DPS/M
non polairzed talos is 1610 DPS, 118M, 13.64 DPS/M
polarized purifier is 1128 DPS, 126M, 8.95 DPS/M
non polarized purifier is 866 DPS, 56M, 15.46 DPS/M

With implants you can add ± 16% more DPS, 13% for launchers.
So if you use the most cost-effective of the four, ie the purifier with T2 guns, with 25 seconds before concord dares to show up, you take 25*977 = 24.4 k DPS so you need 16 purifiers to secure the kill, which costs 900M.

So it sounds like the fleet required is unlikely to organize itself spontaneously in response to anything. If I am just innocuously mining then I am very unlikely to have any problems. Thanks for this!

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Killboards are very useful tools for questions like this. You may easily ask zKill to show losses for a specific type of ship, like this for the Orca:

You may then further restrict the search results to high sec only by adding ‘highsec’ to the URL:

You may then check the kills that look like a suicide gank to see which groups do typically do that and what do they usually bring.

You may want to do this every now and then, and/or check over an extended period of time, because new gangs may appear and old ones become inactive, then active again after some time.

The ones that are ganks will be tagged with “GANKED” It is easy to see that most are npc losses followed by war losses then few and far between are ganks. You are not safe, but with enough buffer stay in .6 or above it becomes very unlikely.

More important, zkb only show what people allow it to know, so relying on that site to take actions is pretty stupid.

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Gankers always post their kills.

Lol, prove it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like someone is affirming things without any kind of basis.


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Actually, it’s funnier than that.

She’s trying to make it look like using zKill for this is stupid, when having checked it herself would have allowed her to see how they do it and that ganking an Orca the way they do is actually much cheaper than she said, because they often use large numbers of destroyers, which is much more cost effective than all the other options she considered…

But all her posts are like that. She’s just incapable of anything better…


LOL. Except you merely mentioned them at first and ignored them afterwards:

But again, the really funny thing here is that you would write a post about which is the most cost effective way to do it, and then would qualify as stupid the very thing that would have allowed you to see what’s really the most cost-effective way and how they usually do it, which is none of the four options you considered…

The so what is that, again, your mere mention of the catalysts makes no difference to the fact that you qualified as stupid the very thing that would have allowed you to see how they usually do it, which interestingly enough, is also more cost-effective than the four cases you considered…

Exactly, nor did I say otherwise…

What have I claimed you wrote that you didn’t?

What I said is that your post was about which is the most effective way to do it (of the ones you were considering). My point is not that you were claiming any of those cases was the most cost-effective of all the possibilities, but rather that you would not even consider in that comparison precisely the case that really matters, which is how they usually do it, AND THEN would qualify as stupid the very thing that would have allowed you to realise that’s precisely the case you should have considered for your post to have any relevance…

[Emphasis on idiot added for everyone to see what kind of “participant” is this.]

Except that’s irrelevant, because it’s neither practical nor how they usually do it, which is my point and what I’m talking about all the time. That’s precisely why zKill is useful for things like this, to be able to see how do they usually do it…

ROFLMAO. Except not only I’ve never made such affirmation, but I explicitly said that’s not the case:

You are the only one that claims others say things they never said, to the point that you even claim they said the exact opposite of what they explictly said…

You do all the wrong things that you “see” others do all the time, but they don’t…

You started trolling this thread from the very beginning, like you always do, by pretending there was something stupid about using zKill for this, when that’s precisely what you should have done before posting yourself to begin with…

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Exactly. Your post was about that, as can be clearly seen by simply reading it. Nowhere did I claim nor mean that you had said what the most effective way of all the possible ways to do it was. Actually, my point is precisely that you didn’t, AND THEN would qualify as stupid the very thing that would have allowed you to see that you should have for your post to have any relevance at all…

LOL. Except using zKill to figure which are the gangs that do it and how they do it, which is what I’m talking about, is “relying on that site to take actions”, which is what you say is “pretty stupid”…

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