Hey everyone. Was hoping to get a bit of advice on ganking. My corp was in dantan system the other day and noticed in local some guy whining about other ppl mining his ice. Upon looking at ice belt he was there with his charon orca and 6 covetors. Out of curiosity i scanned his ship to check out fit ( my corp is training skills to try and gank them ) Currently almost all of corp can fly t2 fit cats.

Is there a way to 3rd party program like eve appraisel that i can link his fit to see how much dps etc we would need to pop his orca or charon…

Any advice would be welcome


Edited to say he reckons 100 cats wouldnt scare him lol Also is talos worth training for to gank a charon / orca or are there better ships for this

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I’ve never did any PVP activities, but I can help you with the miners ships.

So, the Covetor are weak af. Even if the guy only put tanking modules, it’s only one because Covetor only have 1 mid slot, and mining barges are shield ranked if my memory is good. So they are easy target, plus the fact that every ship you mentionned enter warp pretty slowly, you can put a few short ifs you don’t have a tackler.

Considering Orca, it will be the worst I think. It can fit a battleship-sized tank. And with the Charon, except with the drones, they have 0 defence. So put a warp bubble and try to blow them up with big weapons, but I can’t help you more with that =/

Hope it helped !

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I can’t speak for the op but I am pretty sure the op is talking about suicide ganking in high sec. that means no bubbles.


The Covetors are easy to gank, 1 or 2 Cats should easily be able to. As far as the Orca and Charon go, get a couple of Machs and bump them out of the ice belt every time you see them. They will give up and move on eventually if you make the ice mining more trouble than it’s worth.

Basically just use Pyfa. Scan the ships and fit them in Pyfa so you get the max tank they could have. You can also account for boosts they may have there if they have a (mining) command ship.

DPS can be simulated with Pyfa as well. Simply add your character API key and Cat fit. The amount of seconds you have before Concord shows up is based on the security status of the system:

Take this number, divide it by the fire rate to get the amount of volleys you can dish out. Then multiply with the volley damage and that is the amount of damage you will be able to inflict.

Add some spare damage, because you also want to kill the pod. Always kill the pod! It’s like one of those chocolate eggs with a surprise inside, you never know what you will get.


the orca and the freighter will need about 20 or so cats, all the barges will only need at best 2.

What can you get from a pod ? The implants get destroyed in the explosion, no ?

  • A corps for the collection
  • A killmail with possibly billions of ISK in implants
  • Silence in local
  • Tears from people who think podding is wrong™

Ooooh, right.

Saw a guy selling a contract with only women corpses inside, maybe some players are interested in that.

He called them the 77 virgins, if I remember…


you just guessed that from over here on the forums without actually scanning the fit? You are such a pro!


Like you, I’d like to see 20 Catalysts take down a brick tanked Orca in 20 seconds. By my napkin math it’s a minimum of about 35 pushing out 700 DPS each.

If it’s a shitfit maybe; it deserves to die anyway, for being a shitfit.

They’re good bait though because you can get silly passive shield recharge on them, combined with most of the EHP being in the hull, bulkheads and a DC II make for a formidable brick wall.

well if a capsuleer dies and gets transported to a new body does that mean they are a virgin when they get a new body
probably not i bet the creepy guys mess with the clones while they are kept in stasis

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You can also bump his freighter and orca away.

You won’t sacrifice your security status, and won’t get any killrights against you.
Also, tears harvesting on industrial scale.

Use this as a reference:

What’s the point of bumping him ?

Knock him out of boost range

Kindly remind the miner that it is not his ice. it is James 315’s ice.

As for conducting freelance Code enforcement, as others have suggested scan the fit, put it into a fitting tool and determine the EHP. Contrast that with the DPS your justice vessels are able to produce, and the CONCORD response time in Dantan (0.7). For maximum enforcement time be sure to prep CONCORD first.

As an authorised Agent of the New Order of Highsec, I would be happy to negotiate a permit with the offender if you could put us in touch.


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