Hey gankers: how would you take down THIS hi-sec mining team?

Im not posting this to “attack” gankers. I think the potential to lose my ships, even in high sec, provides an exciting possibility while mining. I welcome the potential threat. It adds to the mild dopamine rush we all get when playing any videogame. This is a purely hypothetical strategy to either deter gankers entirely (i.e. they see it and move on to easier prey), or to outlast the damage they can do for as long as possible until concord can come and save my butt.

Your gank squad encounters my mining team of 3 ships, all toons owned and actively controlled by me (I NEVER afk mine). One Orca and two Hulks, all mining at an asteroid or ice belt. On scouting me with your cloaked ship, you see that all three ships are pointing in the same direction (aligned to a warp target) but stationary. In addition, all three ships are fielding 5 tech II drones; the Orca is using Acolytes, one Hulk is using Hobgoblins, and the other Hulk is using Hammerheads. A veritable hornet’s nest.

The Orca is blasting out its command bursts at regular intervals. On closer inspection you might notice that it is also connected to each of the hulks by a beam of green energy.

Upon scanning my ships, you find that they are equipped thusly:

The Orca:
497,132 EHP
Large Transverse Bulkhead II x3

Reinforced Bulkheads II
Damage Control II

Cap Recharger II x2
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II x3

Mining Foreman Burst II x2
-Mining Laser Field Enhancement Charge
-Mining Laser Optimization Charge
Shield Command Burst II
-Shield Extension Charge
‘Love’ Medium Remote Armor Repairer x3
*This setup is cap stable and can run all modules continuously.
*Pilot is equipped with an ORE Mining Director Mindlink, but you have no way of knowing this.

Hulks (both are fitted the same):
13,301 EHP
Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I
Medium EM Shield Reinforcer

Ice Harvester Upgrade II x2
‘Aoede’ Mining Laser Upgrade x3

Survey Scanner II
Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Compact EM Shield Hardener
Thermal Shield Amplifier II

Ice Harvester II x2
ORE Strip Miner x2
*This setup is cap stable, and all modules can operate continuously.

*Assume that all three pilots have all skills with relevant effects trained to level 5

The Strategy:
All ships are aligned with a warp target, ready to go if a serious threat arrives. All ships are fielding their full complement of tech II drones, each using a different type.
The orca is providing boosts to mining and shields. At the same time, it is locked on to both hulks and actively using a single remote armor repairer on each. A THIRD remote armor repairer is on standby to be used on either hulk if necessary.

If an attack comes, and a ship gets locked up and cannot warp away, the three will hold position. First priority is to switch to the Orca pilot and activate the third armor repair module on the hulk facing the greatest threat. Next, the Orca pilot begins to lock on to enemies. While he is doing that, I switch one at a time to the hulk pilots, lock on to an enemy, and order the drones to attack. Switch back to the Orca, and when a lock is established, order the drones to attack.

*NOTE: There is a FOURTH element to my plan that I have opted to not reveal. It is my own little “trade secret”. But assume I have nothing else for your analysis.

The idea behind this setup is NOT to destroy the gankers. It’s to tank the damage they do for as long as possible, while causing damage with the drones, the hope being that Concord will arrive and save me, my drones hopefully helping to bring them down or chase them off that much quicker.

So, knowing all this, what would you do? Would you pass me up for easier prey? Would you exploit an obvious flaw in my plan or setup that I failed to see? How big a team of gankers would you need to bring down even one of my ships before Concord arrived to save the day? There is no such thing as “safe” in EVE. No matter what I do I can’t guarantee that I won’t be beaten. But this is my attempt to mitigate the risk as much as possible.


just a comment: pointing in a direction but stationary = useless. “Being aligned” means moving toward the warp target. If you are stationary, the game treats your ship as a sphere, pointing to ANY direction. It will take exactly the same time for you to warp from stationary status, whether or not you seem to be pointing to the warp target. It is the same for bombers: even if your bomber seems to point toward the enemies, if your ship is stationary, if you decloak and bomb without actually moving toward them your bomb will move to a random direction (and most often will miss your target, while everybody laughs at you on local ;))


Here is a limited response, necessarily shorn of detail.

I would:

Bump the hell out of the lot of you until you paid the Permit Fees.
Bump the Orca out of Boost Range
T2 Catalysts for the Hulks
Smartbombs for the drones

You don’t mention a security level for the system; I’m assuming 0.5.

Do your worst, Varmint!

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I should add that I don’t have the wherewithal to blap the Orca; I don’t believe it’s necessary to clear the field entirely - desirable as such a feat would be.

If I bring chums, you’re all toast.

how many would you need?

Hi Cobraxy, the minimum number would be 4 toons. I won’t explain further, except to say that we often use a cloaky scout/looter/auxiliary, who isn’t regarded by many as part of the offensive. I disagree.

Having only a limited number of accounts, I probably wouldn’t regard your scenario as worthy of my attention, but because of upcoming changes to barge/exhumer/command ship statistics, I will be dusting off my paper and pencil (or, more likely, plundering the work of others…). :slightly_smiling_face:

When you exit gate cloak you are aligned towards north. Open your system map (alt P), show dscan cone, when your enter system align your view to your ship “alignment” : it’s towards north.

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I noticed that when you jump to a (cyno in) system ships are considered to be pointing towards the star.

About the mining setup: others have pointed oit that alignment involves movement. Without movement you’re not aligned.

I ain’t no ganker but I’ve been around the block a time or two.

You’d need - at worst case scenario - 6 or 7 arty Thrashers to one-shot those 600m hulks (I think, based on rough memory of 2k alpha on trashers). There’s a reasonable chance of those lovely ORE strips dropping, one out of 4 pays for killing both hulks (again, going from memory of about 15m for a trasher).

You’d be better off swapping the hulks for Gnoses as the bads land on field. No-one is gonna bother attempting to gank a pot luck gnosis.

The proper way to do this would be to fit Higgs Anchors and actually be aligned at 75% max speed so that you’re instantly warp-capable yet not boating away from rocks at any appreciable speed. As Wyk said, when you are stationary you are aligned nowhere.

Yours is a brilliant and foolproof plan. A plan so cunning it is more cunning than a fox appointed as professor of cunning at oxford university.

Bask in your glorious invincibility, you are unassailable.




Anderson, read again, i never talked about exiting gate cloak, i talked about using (stealth) bombers and being cloaked (with a covert cloak, yes? not the gate cloak ;)). When you decloak and bomb, even if your ship is pointing toward the enemy, if you are stationary the bomb will follow a random trajectory in any direction. I used this example to explain that to be aligned you need to be moving.

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No you did not talk about that. You only said “if your ship is stationary, if you decloak and bomb without actually moving toward them your bomb will move to a random direction”.

When you exit gate cloak, that is called “decloak”. So I added a precision in the case where you decloak from gate cloak.

Do as yourself say : read again.

read again above
you quoted me but suppressed the first part of the sentence…

read again
in that quote including the first sentence there is no mention about not being in gate cloak.

Which is literally what I just said : you did not talk about being in a covert cloak and not in the gate cloak.

A correct answer from you, would be to point out how that first part actually requires to be in covert cloak ; or to admit that you forgot to precise your thought. Not to say that you ignore whatever I wrote.

oh please, really?
i talked about a bomber waiting to bomb enemies, yes?
you can play with words: yes you are right, i did not specify that i was talking about bombers using covert cloak and not bombers using gate cloak …lol… But i clearly talked about bombing after decloaking. And, in which situation have you seen cloaked bombers waiting to bomb enemies using gate cloak and not covert cloak? I don’t know if you are used to flying bombing bombers, but it usually require some careful positioning. The spread disposition of bombers after a gate cloak will make bombing difficult, as some bombers won"t be at the correct range from enemies, and some bombs could even hit some friendly bombers.

So it went from me trying to help OP to not make the mistake of believing that pointing toward a “warp target” while stationary will help him to warp out quickly, to a forum fight playing with words… good good good

FYI, I can think of at least 1 solo streamer who has jumped his bomber into regional nullsec gates that are lightly camped in attempts to bomb + torp down any nearby bored gate campers as he comes out of gate cloak. I don’t recall his name but I recall seeing a clip of a failed attempt where he didn’t notice an arty Maelstrom far away on grid before he left gate cloak, leading to a funny moment of confusion in that instance.

I thought Anderson’s addition about gate cloak being aligned north was helpful – as it matches other oddities with alignment within the solar system. For example: certain acceleration gates will only ever point “north” in the system, which is great to know for dscanning offensively or defensively. Your reply after that helpful tip was suddenly overly defensive…

No you did not.


No idea why he went full-retard mode.