Industrial Core = Sitting Duck

I havent mined in a while and saw the industrial cores are available now - So I was wondering, what’s the point of using an industrial core on the orca and turn yourself into a sitting duck? There is no way to escape a gank even if you see it coming due to the slow cycle time on the core. What are your options really? You have none except overheat your tank and hope for the best?

  • It increases your ship mass to such a degree that you cant even use a Mobile Micro Jump Unit.
  • Provides no defense bonus (except some useless shield boost) which is worthless against ganks.
  • E-war resistance? For what? Nobody is going to kill you with Ewar. Maybe im wrong but another useless bonus.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the strength of the orca is the EHP, not the active tank. I mean it doesnt even have the power grid to fit two XL ASBs, which wouldn’t help you. From what I see the orca can be shield fit for buffer (expensively so) for around 1M ehp overheated, that kind of fit would paint a huge target on you. So again, what’s with the shield boost bonus?

I understand using the indy core it in 0.0 where you are more protected but in high sec, it looks like you are asking to die. Would not a better balance be to give the orca additional shield resistance when using the core or reduce the mass penalty on it so it can use a micro jump unit?

A reasonable change would be to have the orca at 1 billion KG so it can use a micro jump unit.

As it should be. No ship should be un-gankable, even in high sec. It doesn’t matter if they bumped the Orca up to 2 million EHP, if they want you dead, gankers will always bring more than enough firepower to do the job.

As far as the mass increase goes, using a Higgs Rig and active industrial core greatly increase the mass of the Orca to the point where it is almost impossible to bump it.

Sorry you can no longer solo AFK Netflix roid hog in your nigh-invulnerable Orca. You’ll live…


Who said anything about solo AFK? I havent mined in years and when I did, it was never AFK.

I’m all for people paying attention. What I meant to say about the paying attention part, is that escaping a gank requires you to pay attention. Using a micro jump unit requires you to watch local and activate it.

You completely missed the entire point of my post.

You are saying a ship should not be ungankable? Well, why then are ganks unstoppable? Ganks ALWAYS win and the industrial core makes it even more so.

It’s up to you as the player to watch local and not be there when the gankers arrive. It’s that simple. Place known ganker corps and players on a watchlist and mark them as red. When you see several red contacts show up in the system, immediately warp out and dock up. Most players don’t do that. Why? Because they aren’t paying attention or they are AFK…


Gankers don’t just warp in on an Orca and start blasting. They have to know your fit first, and they can’t cargo or module scan your fit while they are cloaked, so again, if you are paying attention, you will notice someone entering the belt and coming within scanning range of you.

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99% of the time, your only warning is that local spikes. You cant turn off the core in time, it has a 150s cycle time. You be long dead by then. And yes, they to just warp to an orca and start blasting, just bring in 15 people, but that was not the point of my post. They kill you for LOL’s not gear.

I dont need a lesson on how to avoid ganks, been around long enough to know that. I was just wondering about the idiotic way this core works. The point of my post was that the core makes you virtually unable to avoid a gank, AT ALL. They can be a system away, you still wont turn off the core in time to escape.

Im sorry but I realized you have no idea what you are talking about.

Thats why you should have defense for the orca available

No defense against gank, thats the whole point.

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Ships. A fleet of defensive ships.

The orca was done in a way where its not a solo ship anymore, but a command ship, giving boosts to actual mining ships


How many Orcas have been suicide ganked with an industrial core active, that otherwise would have safed up if it wasn’t?

That is, is this even a problem that needs any attention?



But orcas with the core, don’t fly as far when I bump them.

Have to bump them 3-4 times to get them over 100km away from their rock as opposed to the non-core orca, which usually achieves that same distance on a single bump.


The cores ruined my game play and now I have to bump the orcas more times than before to get the same distance. I shouldn’t have to grind at something in this game.

CCP, remove the core. No one likes them. Especially the bumpers miners

Honestly if that were the case, then CCP should have also stripped the orca’s ability to use both mining and salvaging drones. (Not attack drones. Just the resource harvesting verity.)

You don’t have to use the core.



That just doesn’t make sense though. Orcas should be able to provide some mining, just not more than the boosted ships accompanying it. We shouldn’t be having a ship do nothing but boost, they contribute to the mining effort (plus with the core can compress ore for the fleet to stay out for longer before needing to move the ore). They just aren’t meant to be mindlessly mining by themselves.

But because they are, and the mechanic being misused by bots, I think it should be nerfed. No use of resource gathering drones.

It has one function, and one function only. Provide boosts.

But I’m not unreasonable. I’d be willing to say that the orca cannot use resource harvesting drones in high sec. But in low, null and wormhole, I’d be fine with that. Why? Because they won’t be sitting there all mindlessly mining by themselves.

THe core cycle should be 30 minutes to be fair.

How hard is it just to see the zkill on the systems you want to mine in? Really unless you have a large fleet of mining ships, the core in my opinion is useless unless you want to use it for compression so you don’t have to keeping warping off. It really sounds like he wants to do afk mining.

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All you have to do is run the core for one quick cycle to compress ore, then turn it off. The only reason you would leave it running is if you are AFK’ing and just using mining drones…

Well you’re months behind on this and I complained about the very same thing… industrial core powers the compression modules and removes the nerf hammering it got.