Orca Industrial Core I vs II

Hello everyone, I am terrible at running numbers, but I am trying… When it comes to the Orca and its Industrial Core, has anyone crunched the numbers for I vs II? I mostly solo mine in my Orca - I know, its dumb, but its what I enjoy for the time being. The fuel cost for the t2 just seems way too high to justify the boosts it gives - especially for a solo miner. I understand the Orca has been designed for fleet mining support, but damn it, if I want to fly it solo, I damn well will!

My gut says stick with T1 core for solo, maybe whip out the T2 for fleets. What do you all think?

I don’t fly an Orca and wouldn’t use it solo, so I don’t have the numbers ready.

But you do, I guess, so why not compare the extra yirld you get from T2 on thr type of rocks you mine and see if that is more ore less than the additional fuel cost?

You do know that fleet mining boosts don’t work on your mining drones, right? You’d be surprised at the number of solo Orca players that I’ve seen in belts with their boosts running for hours and no other barges or ships around…

The boosts don’t but the core itself does. Most I run with have decided T2 benefits aren’t worth the negligible increase in benefit.

well aware, but thanks

The numbers: Fly a Barge until you make some friends.

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