Hello EVE! And goodbye , спасибо CCP / or about suiciders

Hello members of the forum and development, I decided to return the other day (I saw 14 days in twitch and immediately set myself an alto) in EVE after the break because of the real-life situation. Actually I’ll say right away that I didn’t play so much before, but I know certain moments and some nuances of life. But here is an ordinary, but surprising case from life - lost Gila by Trashers on autopilot in high-sec https://zkillboard.com/kill/77982693/ , yes, I was killed by a suicide. Ordinary, it is clear why - suicides are not uncommon, but surprisingly, he killed only for the sake of 500-600kk, which is about 25% of PLEX, just only … UntilI I read about the introduction of Alpha status and immediately thought that it was hardly good, in fact, it is. What I think? Earlier this would not have happened; a suicide on a subscription would not have spent either time or money on such a small salary, their minimum goals are from 50% to 100% of the PLEX (taking into account losses) if only it’s “easy,like shuttle”, they will precisely kill at the cost of the cargo in 2 and more PLEX. Players have become insolent with Alphas on trash-ships and killing normal (also paying) players in the windows, just don’t tell that Alphas do not play in the windows - different computers or just programs, I don’t care, this is exactly one person.
Therefore, dear CCP, this is your largest and longest exploit and here is my suggestion: instead of ridiculous edits on VNI and Alpha restrictions, enter real - autopilot approach no more than 5-7 km from the gate and personal compensation of my lost ship, its fit and cargo (I ask for 220 PLEX). This edit will not exclude the question, suicides will be (ie, the mechanics remain), but not in 3-4 windows, in 2 and not on trash, but at least on BS, which will make them spend more on the fit and skip the players with normal ship that does not recoup their losses (excluding any shuttles and frigs). If there is no answer or it will be negative (for compensation), I will delete the account 7 days after the topic (there will be no handouts), and this is not “forcing” you to action, but I don’t want to play the second IRL, where even for flights between the protected systems on the average fit you have to poke the buttons and “defecate to bottle”. It is not difficult for me to buy the same Gila in the same fit or two, I will not get upset when dying in the gang — this is my conscious risk, I believe that losing billions in PLEX on the shuttle near Jita is for stupid pilot, but adequate opportunity for another and I am ready to spend money for the opportunity, pleasure, but not for this ■■■■ - hi sec is a hi sec to be relatively safe. And “thanks” for Alphas.

P.S: I would also ask you how much online you lost due to suicide, 2, 3 ,5%? or do you think this is a purely in-game problem?

P.S.S: Consider it as a petition.


Привет форумчане и разработка, решил вот на днях вернуться ( увидел в твиче 14 дней и сразу поставил себе и альту) в EVE после перерыва из-за ИРЛ вопросов. Собственно сразу скажу, я не так уж и много играл раньше, но определенные моменты и ньансы жизни знаю. Но вот рядовой, но удивительный случай из жизни- потерял Гилу от Трешеров на автопилоте в хай-секе https://zkillboard.com/kill/77982693/, да,меня слил суицидник. Рядовой, понятно почему- суицидники не редкость, но вот удивительный- слил он только ради 500-600кк, что порядка 25% ПЛЕКСа, всего лишь… До
этого я читал про внедрение альфа статуса и сразу подумал что врядли это хорошо, собственно так и есть. Что я думаю? Раньше такого не было- суицидник на подписке не стал бы тратить ни время ни деньги на столь малый заработок, их минимальные цели это от 50% - 100% плекса( с учетом потерь ) и то “полегче, типа шаттла”, точно сольют при стоимости груза-фита в 2 и более плекса. Игроки оборзевшие от Альф покупают помойки и шьют в окнах нормальных (еще и платящих) игроков, только не рассказывайте что Альфы не играют в окнах- разные компы или просто программы , мне плевать, это точно один человек.
Поэтому, уважаемые CCP, это Ваш самый большой и длительный эксплоит и вот мое предложение: вместо смешных правок по VNI и ограничений альфам введите реальные- подлет автопилота не более чем на 5-7 км к гейту и личная компенсация моего потерянного корабля, его фита и груза ( я прошу 220 плексов). Эта правка не исключит вопрос, суицидники будут ( т.е. механика остается), но не в 3-4 окна, а в 2 и не на помойке, а минимум на БШ, что заставит их тратиться на фит больше и пропускать игроков с нормальным кораблем, который не окупит их потери ( исключая всякие шаттлы и фриги ). Если ответа не будет или он будет отрицательный (по компенсации) я удаляю аккаунт через 7 дней после темы (раздачи шмоток не будет), и это не “принуждение” Вас к действию, но я не хочу играть во вторую ИРЛ, где даже для перелетов меж защищенными системами на среднем фите надо тыкать кнопки и “ходить в бутылочку”. Мне не сложно купить такую же Гилу в том же фите или две, я не расстроюсь при сливе в ганге- это мой осознанный риск, я считаю что потерять миллиарды в Плексах у Джиты на шаттле- тупость его пилота, но адекватная возможность для другого и я готов тратить деньги за возможность, удовольствие, но мне этого дерьма не надо - хай сек на то и хай сек, чтобы быть в относительной безопасности. И еще раз “спасибо” за Альф.

P.S: я бы еще спросил у Вас сколько статистически онлайна вы потеряли благодаря суицидникам, 2, 3 , 5%? или думаете это чисто внутриигровая проблема?

P.S.S: считайте это петицией.




Autopilot is a mechanism for separating the wheat from the chaff.

Don’t be chaff.

Автопилот - это механизм отделения пшеницы от плевел.

Не будь плевел


I want your stuff :wink:

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Firstly, TLDR.

Secondly, as a highsec ganker myself, I don’t gank for anything which is 50% of a plex. It depends what ship I will loose. I could gank for as little as 200million Isk.

Thirdly, This game isn’t for you. So no worries you’re presumably leaving.


Having looked at the killmail, the 6 guys that ganked the OP have been bribing the loot fairy.

Bling != win.

Can remember to you EHP UP of mining barges, because that WAS NOT NORMAL, so where are the greatest killers in high-sec asteroid fields now?

They’re killing people like you that use autopilot while flying ships with either valuable cargo or expensive modules.

You chose to fit some expensive modules to your ship.
You chose to use autopilot.

They merely took advantage of your chain of poor decisions.

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6 x Thrashers for a 600M Gila…



Indeed, loot fairy said yes.


Reading these “I quit” threads is like reading the VAC ban forum on Steam (highly amusing btw). It’s full of people who act and type like 12 year olds.



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TL;DR CCP should change the autopilot mechanic so that it drops him closer to the gate, and they should also reimburse his ship; because it’s so unfair that he can’t afk his way across the universe in a blingy ship.



Bye. And don’t let the door hit your crying a$$ on the way out.

Отлично, очередная стенающая пуська, демонстративно надувшись, покидает игру.

Lorewise assume EVE Online is in a parallel dimension where somehow spaceflight was developped but collision avoidance and mathematicswas never developped and with capsuleers there was no real need to anymore. Letting a capsuleer managed ship jump closer than 10km had to be calculated manually or so?

Technology wise, the autopilot is from the old days [legacy code no one can possibly fix anymore] where it was not possible to jump to zero even manually. You should’ve have proposed a “Gold Autopilot” that can jump to >1km for an extra $5 monthly. Or even better, with “CynoGoldSubscription PLUS” a NPC fleet that cannot be attacked will safe cyno you through any sec space and any ship you pilot will be cynojump capable…


That aside,

  • Don’t haul in your ratting ship. Ships are like tools, You wouldn’t use a screwdriver instead of a saw to cut a wood pole? Use a hauler (or rent a hauler like blue frog to get your precious stuff where you need it)
  • Don’t autopilot expensive ships as they might be wrecked by evil spacepirates looking for “phat lewt”. Manually pilot and even better, as a friend to scout.

I need to get up early, if I don’t forget about this post I’ll add some more goodness of my book “Being less bad than the other guy who gets his ship ‘accidentally’ wrecked”. You don’t need to be the best, you just need to be slightly less attractive than the targets around you.


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Look at this from practice side, from long time ago suiciders was not such problem, for multi-windows on cheap-trash ships they need to have 3-4 PLEX in month, without suicide ship cost, it is was not easy, but thanks to Jita, usually there was BS which killed most profit target, or 1-2 destr to catch frig-shuttle. For now suiciders dont need PLEX, just multi-windowed client ( not legally of course/or 2-3 not strong PC), so they can take any targets, and just for fun. As mining barges had UP here is the same problem , that can be easily solved. CCP evolved EVE to FTP but not evolved the in-game atmosphere yet for this change.
All of you can say that problem in me, yes, may be, but why you dont see the problem? Because you haven’t it? Or you will loose profit? Or you think that is" normal"? For me suiciders are a very large exploit (came the real problem after adding FTP), which was eaten by community, and all that they can say now that its normal. OK, I’m not about deleting them from the game( as they are ingame class, parasites, but official) , but about how to make their life not so easy as now.
Or why we can see rebalance? Some one have too easy gameplay, that should be cutted. Please read it as a rebalance proposition- make targets for suicide harder, so they need to invest to these deal much money and attack more profitable fits and cargos. If they will need not 5 trashers ,but for example 3 tornados, you think they wont change their target priority? Yes in that case they can attack to, but loosing 200kk in chance of no loot, not 10kk And -200kk is big price for such playing.
And I will delete from the game, like other people can stop their Omega if they disagree and publicly state. May be deleting is not “very good idea” but attention attraction method, -if you are not ready to sacrifice, then you do not really need . For me it is principle.

What is the OP talking about?
They gained 500+mil with only losing 6 trashers! If possible I would do that all day! If they lost like 2,5-10 mil per trashers., lets say 8mil for the sake of argument… they made 10times back what they used.
If you do that 4 times you can plex an account. If you do that 4*6=24 times a month (not even once a day) you have all accounts plexed.

This is not a problem with alphas. This is a problem of you beeing a very very juicy target that presented himself on a silver platter!