Eviction Notice has been issued (I-RED)

For Refusing to fight our 3 Man gang LOL. You’re being Evicted from Syndicate/Placid.

I-RED and Alt Corps you gone ■■■■■■ up.

This is only the beginning.

How many timers you got now? xD


haha ur station exploded lol


Nom nom nom

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Still won’t fight us, they’ve increased the bounty on us. :joy::kissing_heart:

Finally we have suffered some losses, Cerbs everywhere :drooling_face:

I’ll fight you.

But you’ll have to come to me. And also bring me hentai and Pocky.

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About 20B+ went to asset safety from the 2th structure btw :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait… wait… did CCP change something regarding NPC stations?

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“How many more timers you got now? xD”

Hopefully a lot more.

I could use another Tinkerhell corpse for my collection.
1 of only 41 limited edition corpses.


Hello :kissing_heart:. I hoped you’d appear out the wood work after that little scuffle, posting it like I was hiding it :joy:

More timers and more timers, how many times can you call for help before the help gets bored :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I encourage you to play the game in a manner you find enjoyable.

I am this is 2008 all over again baby

Those werent npc stations

Destroying a player structure sends items to asset safety, unless its in a wormhole or was in abandoned mode.

It was a joke because you don’t need player stations to live in Syndicate or Lowsec. Thus eviction is a poor description.

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CAPTAIN BIGLESW0RTH in their Scimitar on the Battle Report.

Very satisfying Cat name to read.

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Imagine going onto the official forums to hurf-blurf.

Imagine hurf-blurfing about Athanor kills.

Now imagine those two ridiculous concepts put together.


Jog on, no one asked you to join this thread, this is my in work entertainment.

Sorry it’s not an anti ganking thread


Worse yet it’s being mad over a Sabre loss and a USTZ group being ■■■■ at forming for EUTZ.

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You know damn well it’s more than the Saber.