Pochven RIP

Thanks CCP, in order to do something with the NPCs against the ishtars, you just killed the region. I’m finally leaving this game. Thanks again!

#nothing of value lost


#I was drunk

#it would have lived if it were a shield super


Очень плохо что не сделали агру на дроны. А сделали таймер 90 минут. Сделайте в ФВ 90 минут таймер и посмотрим что там будет.
It’s too bad that they didn’t make an aru for drones. We made a 90 minute timer. Make a 90 minute timer in FW and see what happens.

Low effort rant. I don’t even know what he’s raging about.


:rofl: Look at all these entitled mega crabs crying over their save and unassailable wealth generator getting a 90 minute cooldown… The audacity of these people. :joy:


CCP just deployed a huge saltmine [Pochven] Clarity on change to Observatory Flashpoints made in 20.11

Pochven has been seriously stupid income for groups, allowing for pretty much continuous farming. Isk/hour numbers that just don’t make sense to the point that null alliances pretty much use it as their beach resort.

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Press S to spit on pochven.


Hahahah “groups”

The real winners from obs were the gangs of two-three people boxing.

We printed multiple supers using sub 100mil cruisers mah dude. It was horrible broken, this change is just that, a change, those that stay adapt those that leave die.



how about adding content to pochven ? relic / data sites , combat ded sites ?

The Language in this Forumsection should be english. Please translate your Post.


bye and dont let the jumpgate hit your a$$ on the way out



Why so cruel? But we do care about it. Always ready to have a good laugh. :wink:

Please contranct your posessions to me an transfer me your funds. Thank you!

I made a translation. But does CCP care about the opinion of the players?

CCP has always been very keen on player feedback. The opinion of some players is often so important to the CCP that they are even able to adapt the game to such opinion. For example, Aria Jeneth’s opinion has such power.