Observations on Pochven

Starting out with something possibly fun, there is actually something waiting to be done in Pochven. Blow up a Fortizar. Here it is in Archee:

Now aside from that, I don’t have anything positive to report. Our corp has been in Pochen since the last update/release/event chapter, whatever you want to call it and we have been to almost all 27 or 29 captured Triglavian areas. We sat in all of the stations watching and logging every character and corp out there that we could find and it’s not positive. I am absolutely certain that this is not what was hoped for by the brainiacs that came up with this disaster. No one is in Pochven. Well, a few people, but they are killed by ‘PvE’ real quick. Pochven looks to be just plain CCP vs. their customers. It’s a real turn off. Normal MMO’s do not kill their own players.

If there is an active corporation in Pochven, you know, claiming to be the ‘largest active player corp in Pochven’, it’s just some dude and as many alts as his computer(s) can operate at one time.

  1. Market - The guy or gal that is in Pochven is trying to set up a market. You can tell it’s being done by a single person as there are starting to be items available with 1 of each at exactly 3x Jita prices. The problem is that there are no buyers. The moving averages are 0 or about as close to 0 as you can get. Nothing in here sells at any price, even when priced at 50% below Jita as a test. And it makes sense. Who would want to buy a battleship in here just to undock and be instantly blown up and podded by the game itself with some insane roaming guns that seem to have no range limits? It’s just stupid is what what it is.

  2. Courier contracts? 0 activity. You can offer 25,000,000 to have someone move 1m3 out, which seems extremely lucrative for just a few jumps using the Devana or Proximity filaments. Only problem is, once you get whatever it is out, then you are killed off almost instantly by the same roaming guns with no range limit. And podded too, by the game. I don’t call this PvE. I call it PCvCCP. Paying customers vs. CCP is how it feels. It is absolutely unsustainable.

  3. Loot? It’s a bunch of garbage. It’s basically a bunch of filaments to get back in, into a place so boring that no one in their right mind would want back in. It’s easy to loot tons of stuff since other factions or whatever are killing each other for you. But it’s a ton of worthless garbage.

So if someone claims there is activity in here, they are full of it. Pochven is dead because no one jumped on the band wagon. I believe the general consensus on Pochven if there were to be a survey by anyone that had all of their stuff stuck here by CCP would be overwhelmingly negative and possibly some anger would be expressed.

If you had toons researching stuff here and then got podded or left before the screw over, now they can no longer do research anywhere because the jobs are stuck in a place extremely difficult to get back to, as now it is nothing more than an ISK sinking lottery.

If you have jump clones in Pochven with high level implants, those are basically lost also. You have to have 4.0 standings with Triglavians to even recover your clone with a local jump, and as mentioned there is not a way to attain 4.0 without spending weeks, hundreds of hours and billions in ISK. So kiss your implants and clones goodbye.

Lottery you ask? Yes, a Cladistic-5 filament is about 15-20 mil at Jita and you need about 20 of those and several days just to get back to where your stuff is. Because it is random where when trying to get to one of nine systems, it appears to take about 20 attempts. So plan on spending 400 mil ISK and half the day just trying to get lucky. Not fun at all. Not entertaining. Randomness is not a skill based game, it’s just gambling away your ISK out of perceived necessity.

Using the jump gates is not possible because you can’t grind up enough standings without getting killed by the game itself. My estimate is that to get to 7.0 it would take about three months of playing 18 hours a day and maybe 10b ISK to replace 100 or more ships. And there are no ships for sale in Pochven, except shuttles. Shuttles can be found for 1 isk BTW and no one buys them because no one is in there. In fact you can list anything on the market for 1 ISK and no one will buy it because there is no one.

Out of all Eve players I would bet there might be 2 or 3 that have high enough standings to use the jump gates and they didn’t grind the standings in Pochven, they used a temporary method that people found a few weeks ago in drone pockets in K space before CCP told everyone to quit doing that as it was not by design.

So if anyone has something positive to try to convince you of about Pochven, ask for screenshots. Ask for a screenshot of a fleet doing anything at all but sitting there right after jumping in. There are no fleets, because there are no players in Pochven. It is an epic failure and that fact should be proven quite soon as CCP is forced to accept that no one wants it. It was simply a bad idea that didn’t work.


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Oh they won’t abandon it, there’s no way as too much was spent on programming to roll out this disaster so everyone is stuck with it. Yet there will have to be some way and some dramatic change for people to be able to actually grind standings to even make it viable. If there were a way, I’d be down for that. The idea is good. The current execution is an epic failure at present.

And I will reiterate that if anyone claims there is any activity in Pochen which is worthwhile, ask them for a screenshot and you will hear nothing more from them. We know, we have explored it and it’s 99.9% dead at present. A failure at present.

Anyone wanna go in and blow up that abandoned Fortizar? Corps don’t just abandon Fortizars these days. Or wait, actually there is no way to blow it up, as the roaming guns with no range limits will blow up and pod everyone trying… Sigh…

Jump keys aka ‘filaments’ to get into Pochen (I.E. Cladistic) were going for 1.3b ISK at Jita 5 days ago. Now they are 15 mil at Perimeter. By next weekend they should be about 1 mil. That massive, recording breaking drop in demand should alone make it obvious that no one is using them as no one wants them.

I have been playing this for well over a decade and have seen CCP fail epically before, and fall on their face so hard that they actually abandoned projects. Such as;

  1. Walking around in stations to show off your shiny clothing. Never happened and was abandoned.

  2. Captain’s quarters. Anyone remember that? You could look in your mirror, had a couch, could walk out on a balcony and view your ship. Complete with a sealed door that said it would open soon, to walk around in stations. Abandoned.

Incomplete stuff is a pattern and Pochen is incomplete as it lacks not only any reason to use it, but what should be obvious, any viable ability to use it. I’m not going to spend months, tons of ISK and burn through 100 battlecruisers that the game itself is killing just to be able to jump through a gate where there’s nothing to do on the other side either. Really silly actually. I believe it was rolled out before it was finished, as in WAY before it was finished. And hopefully they do finish it as it could be great if it were functionally viable.

I would bet that if someone offered 100b ISK for a valid screenshot of a single character in game that has 7.0 standings with Triglavians today, no one would be able to claim it because if a character like that exists, there may be on 1 or 2 that even have 3.0 and it was only from a temporary fluke. I think one of those fluke earners is the guy in Pochen.

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No. It’s too soon to say this and is yet another poor jump to conclusions.

I will agree that gating entrance and movement through the region with standings that take an excessive amount of time to grind up towards was a bad idea. I 100% agree there. But I do not agree that the region itself and what CCP intended was “an epic failure” solely because of that.

All of this is meaningless, it’s just another way to say everything you’ve already said in your OP.

Here’s something that’s actually smart. I would agree with you here.

Based off what people, who have sufficient standings to enter and explore, have explained through social media, I would agree that there is the potential that the region was pushed out before it was “finished”. But there’s a caveat here, because the definition of “finished” doesn’t really apply in EVE Online as the universe may potentially continue to change and evolve as CCP pushes out balance passes and mechanics changes.

I don’t know what your definition of “viable” is, but i would argue that it’s completely different from what I could define as “viable”. Some people would argue that it’s not “viable” to live in wormholes, while well established groups would show otherwise. So I won’t comment on that, other than stating “IT IS TOO EARLY TO KNOW”.

Yeah, I don’t care.

That was my opinion before we spent a week exploring it. Hopefully you’re right. That would be great and I agree it is possible, if even due to it being an incomplete failure thus requiring more completion.

I am sure anything at all worthwhile or even functional would please the dude in Pochen.

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Fair point and it’s understandable to have such a quick off-the-hip reaction to this.

But thanks for at least considering the other side. I’m with you as well, I hope that this new region poses something unique and interesting that we have not seen before. It’ll certainly be a while before enough people gather the standings to begin exploring it, but I’m certain someone (definitely those who are smarter and more dedicated than me) will find something exciting about the region.

I don’t feel that your opinion was quick and off the hip at all, yet I am certain that if you spent some time in there you would have difficulty finding much positive to report. 0 market movement, no way to grind standings without being killed by the game itself, thus making it entirely not a game. Therefore no way to use gates, stuck research projects and assets, stuck implants in clones. Nothing positive at all. I think that technically anyone opening a support ticket with f12 and requesting reimbursement would be correct as Pochen is an obviously incomplete and stuck part of the game.


:rofl: Lucrative? You are trying to move stuff out of an inaccessible place that is null sec where you have to pay millions just to get in, let a lone grind the standings. You are nuts if you call 25m ISK a lucrative reward.

It’s good to see that this space is garbage.

Oh wow didn’t even think of R&D jobs. Yeah that sucks. Apart from that I’m already forgetting Pochven is a thing. To most players it simply is something they read about here and there but nothing positive so far.

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Well, judging by the fact that almost all your info in the op is false, I am going to assume you visited probably like 1 or 2 systems in Pochven for no longer than 30 minutes.

  1. There currently are two trade hubs set up within Pochven, both fairly well supplied. You can get a ship with a PvE or PvP fit without having to haul anything from highsec. Yes, we are maybe missing stuff like combat boosters but this is being worked on.

  2. Most of the contracts in Pochven have a laughable reward and a massive collateral set up. 25m isk is definitely not a lucrative reward, if people are supposed to haul stuff around -1.0 systems, we are talking 100m ISK reward minimum. Otherwise people are not even going to bother reading the contract.

  3. Loot is a bunch of garbage? O’rly? So the Lp store items that can get you any Triglavian BPC (including Zirnitra), triglavian skillbooks, their capital parts, implants etc have no value according to you? Triglavians giving you salvage, edencom NPCs dropping faction stuff etc have no value? Interesting…

Pochven definitely has a value and is full of opportunity, although I assume that carebears whose only content is to afk in missions will not see it. I don’t deny that it needs some work but it’s far from being a dead place as you claim.

And tbh, rather than a neutral observer you sound more like an EDENCOM player that is in salty mode and is trying to downplay Pochven on all fronts.

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I can second this information. Maybe it was bad timing that you were there. However there are definitely markets, pretty stocked ones at that. The rats are rather difficult at times but the loot makes it very worth the risk. And I can personally confirm multiple large corps inside as well, not to mention the ones just visiting.

Oh there you are!

8 players (not alts) spent 6 days jumping in and out and visited 25 of the 27 systems and logged activity of others docking at every station running full video by 7 of the 8. 6 of the players spent over 12 hours per day, (one of them 16-18 hours - that was me) the 7th about 7 and the last about 3-4. We have a spreadsheet of every character that was found, where they were and what they were doing. The majority of anyone attempting any actual PvE activities were ambushed by NPCs with their ships destroyed and most subsequently podded as well, by the ‘game’ itself. That is not PvE. You will want to focus on killboard data, the purple ‘npc’ badges showing where 70-90% of all kills are by the ‘game’ itself.


That data speaks for itself.

  1. You are stocking what you call trade hubs in Raravoss and Senda quite well and you are selling -0- as clearly evidenced by the trade volume of 0. You have no customers as the ‘game’ itself is killing everyone. You said “You can get a ship with a PvE or PvP fit without having to haul anything from highsec.” Really? Since when can you buy a fit ship on the market or a so called “trade hub”. You can’t and you never have been able to, which proves that you are spewing bs. Why I do not know.

  2. Courier Contracts do not work in or out of Pochven. There is no in game function to raise standings with Triglavians and Edencom so anyone attempting a Courier Contract in or out will be destroyed and podded by one or the other. Show a screenshot of one single completed Pochven Courier Contract. You can’t because they do not exist. There is no such function in game because the release was rushed to an incomplete rollout on a time schedule.

  3. Loot. The group spent over 380 hours combined looting wrecks. There were, and you are correct, Triglavian skillbooks. Out of 4738 items looted there was one. There were no implants, no BPC and no capital parts. All loot consisted of gate keys or ‘filiaments’ such as Cladistic to get back in. There were no exit filaments as those are only on the NPC market at 30000 ISK for a Devana-1 at every station. There was also some faction ammo in groups of 100 which is not worth the cargo space. There was one Triglavian skillbook for encryption worth 350000 at Jita and a single faction ballistic control system wroth 40 mil at Jita. All other loot was simple garbage the same as l1 and l2 missions in HiSec.
    For only a total of about 40 hours of work.

The rest of what you have said is nothing but propaganda for an unclear reason. The untruths you have stated sadly make it appear as if you are trying to convince yourself more than anyone else.

This is why, you 100% can not and will not provide a screenshot of a fleet anywhere in Pochoven. They don’t exist because you’ve already learned that doesn’t work either.


The 'large corporation" you speak of is one guy and several alts that remain docked at stations that he is able to get to. Yes, there is a market. With 0% volume movement.

Would you happen to be able to provide a screenshot of any activity whatsoever in Pochven? You know like, maybe a fleet just before they were all blown up and podded by the game itself?

You say the markets are “pretty stocked”. Stocked with what? You call a quantity of 1 of each of the few items that have been hauled in well stocked? Again, show a screenshot. Show an abundance of anything that could be considered ‘pretty well stocked’. And this Senyu_Takashi has even claimed you can buy a fit ship on the ‘trade hub’. I mean come on.

What the guy that lives there believes will work is that he can haul in a bunch of stuff and try to sell it for about 3x Jita. That is how you can tell that everything is being done by the same person. All (few) items available are almost exactly 3x Jita prices. And it’s not working as once again the volume of sales is 0%.

I do not understand the motivation for the untruths, yet regardless of that, CCP should not have rolled out this release without it being functional.

Used a gate in Pochven lately? Let’s see a screenshot of your standings with Triglavian faction.

Good day.


Correct, there is nothing positive, just a few people trying to convince themselves for some odd reasons, which is just weird. It makes me wonder how much stuff people have stuck where they are trying to act like it’s positive. Kind of sad actually.

Yes, if you were doing research in one of these 27 systems and it was not completed, you can’t click on finish job “DELIVER JOBS” so it damages your character where it can no longer do any research. Just another example of how this new module was released too early and should not have been. That’s an actual F12 "Game Stuck’ issue right there.


You want some proof? Fine, I have a lot of it:

Here is a screenshot of a courier contract I completed using my blockade runner just a few minutes ago. Pickup = Pochven region, Drop off = Jita 4-4:

As for standings, here is my character sheet. You can clearly notice the + trig standings I gained just yesterday:

No items being sold? Are you really sure?

There are even more items being sold where my market orders are not yet fully completed.

And about not being able to get ships in Pochven…say what again?

As I wrote earlier, you are talking total nonsense about region you know nothing about.

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I knew you were the guy that lives in there.

So you sold 12 items on the market over a period of 8 days. We did see that spike where the sales volume went from 0% to something like 0.0001%. That was you! Congrats!

And there’s a fit ship on contracts. Cool. You said fit ships where at your trade hub, I guess just a typo. There’s also that Orca for 1.3 billion.

And you did a courier contract. Again, congrats.

You have pretty much proven my point.

I guess we should start calling it Takashi-Ven since someone has actually done something there. :slight_smile:


To be fair, if that had happened to me I would probably just petition it and get CCP to unstuck the BPO’s as this has obviously not been very well thought out. That being said, developing a sandbox game will come with mistakes like this and it might very well be CCP will judge this as a “yeah sorry didn’t think of that” issue and move your BPOs.

I “sacrificed” some assets (and made a JC) in Skarkon to see what would happen, with the idea of making “getting back my assets” sort of a personal quest as I did align with Trigs (I got back to the game at the tail of the event).

After seeing the standing requirements in combination of gameplay required to increase standings that’s become a hard no and I have cut my losses. I knew this was a possibility so I’m not crying about the assets. Just dissapointed as I do like the Trigs in a visual / lore kind of sense.

Now debating whether or not I should destroy the clone to open the slot as it requires 3.0 to jump to, and we don’t know yet if there will be more content to affect these standings later down the line.

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