Hey, what happened to Otela and what's this Pochven thing?

In 2014 or so after being in RVB for a while I left Eve for a long time as didn’t have the hours to play it as well as having young kids etc.

After reading Empires of EVE Vol 2 which covered up to when I left I decided to see what the game was like these days only to wake up in Otela with all my stuff and finding out that there is basically no way I can ship it out and am such a noob again I would likely take the pod express back to empire space as soon as I undock.

So here I am wondering if there is anyone here in this pocket of space to buy it and I’m stuck spinning in a station which makes me really laugh out loud as the situation is pure EVE as I remember it. :rofl:

I the meantime I subbed another account to learn how to play the game again but this made me laugh enough to share.


There are filaments you can use to jump back to empire space from Pochven. Other people could give you better ideas of what to look out for and exactly how to use them.

But I know they exist!! :slight_smile:

I was in RvB back then too. Welcome back!!


Thanks, have been reading up so may do that with my last ship.

Have some sell orders up to see if anyone is buying.

CCP use to move 1 character in a ship filled with loot to the nearest friendly location if that player has been gone for like a year or longer and come back to find themselves in hostile space with no access to station services.

Technically it was for Null Sec space but since Pochven is Null Sec space… Might wanna try submitting a Support Ticket and see if CCP will move you.

CCP recently lowered the standing requirements for accessing services in Pochven so that option might not be available.

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Thanks for the reply, I think the gates are now reduced to 0.0 standing to use from all the reading I’m doing.

I’m currently training some alts up to be able to sneak around and it actually gives me something to focus on the game, be it try out Pochven, market some stuff, move some out, dunno.

Better than sitting in high sec wondering “What next?” I reckon. :slight_smile:


tl;dr new region of WH space, it has its own stargate network with 3 systems that need standings to enter, there will always be a WH connection to each Pochven system but you may have to hunt for it yourself, if you want Otela specifically then you’ll find the map on this page

The C729 is always in one of the systems on that map, its just a case of probing it out from the outside as it won’t show the K162 inside Otela until someone has taken the hole

If you’re planning on doing anything within Pochven then step 1 is to gain some Triglavian standings, this is done by killing a rogue drone NPC in one of the combat sites within Pochven or one of the rogue drones from the roaming fleets in a system with an active X450 wormhole or that has an active connection to the drone regions via a U372 wormhole

This is an NPC list and you’ll want to murder one of the smallest ones, any will do as that will be enough to gain positive Triglavian standings which makes moving around a lot easier, there are some other pages on there with details of what standings are needed for station services etc so feel free to browse :slight_smile:

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Push X will haul in and out of Pochven. so you can use them to get your stuff out

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Thanks for all of that information, really appreciated.

Appreciate that, thanks very much.

Pochven is a kind of oubliette.


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