Eviction Notice has been issued (I-RED)

Don’t listen to the haters! It is a nice space pixels drama thread for a change instead of the usual “ganking iz bed #18610530016” and other nonsense. :+1:


Keep posting, this is so much better than nerf ganking whine threads.


Make the Forums Great again!


This is so bull, we run at max 6 people in our daily roams… you always have a gate camp up that normally out number us AND YOU RUN EVERY DAMN TIME

Tbh its lucky if we have 6 people xD

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Sorry to ask but can we have a bit of background to this story, you all seem to know each other, its an interesting post and would like to know more if you don’t mind .

What ever this is well done and thxs for post

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It’s just years of being Blue-balled, It’s nothing Serious. :cold_face:

We’re being petty as hell. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also Content! :rocket: :boom: :boom: :boom:

Tink just snapped :exploding_head:

“F this we’re shooting Everything” :heart_on_fire:


lmao, tinkernerd and his lil band of fairy followers x

Yes We are Tink Alts.

Whatca gonna do?

I feel so insulted, OMG HOW COULD I FOLLOW MY CEO INTO BATTLE?! I feel so belittled :face_holding_back_tears:

Quiet Jack! xD

Wow didnt know there is a forum smacktalk channel
You should know our gatecamps we usually not in comms,drinking and watch netflix,so we werent ready for a gang fight and hate get hotdropped by blackops. We dont even have any structures to kill,omly bubbles :smiley:


I love my Deemer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wish we used them more tbh

C&P was made for smacktalking, Best subforum on here :yum:

Evictions?.. Syndicate is NPC space you Dufus :wink:

It’'s a Punchy title.

Don’t a be ■■■■■■■ idiot

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Plot twist: characters on both sides of the conflict belong to the same player. :eyes:

I should pass out, I’ve been awake for like 20+ hours xD

You should evict E-UNI next. They are the biggest anti-content warriors in Syndicate.


E-UNI have been threating us for years, Keep saying they gonna bring a fleet everytime we shoot them down xD

Still waiting.

Satisfaction served

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Tinglebell went bed,maybe this wake him up
E-UNI should be loved,always gets fights,well trained to not smacktalk back (we tried many time)

sleep well tinglebell :slight_smile:

Oh, I dunno, I got some useful Drekavac and Kikimora fittings out of it all. That’s the first thing I do when I see any kill brag…what ships have the killers ever lost and how are they fitted.

Careful our fits can get quite pricey :saluting_face: