Eviction Notice has been issued (I-RED)

go sleep!

I did, I also said in local that I don’t sleep much :drooling_face:

5h sleep not good tinkerbell,get some beer or joints,relax,we still here

So you are the CEO of The Pole Dancers?

Eh… not CEO of anything, and I’m not Tink :joy:

i was wondering if the pole dancers is male or women :smiley:
i like minipants and smallpants,miss them :smiley:



That went well for someone , nice raven fleet

Interesting fight…

Yeah, We can’t escalate the fight, Batphone was answered :laughing:

Also a Shame I’ve not been to a single fight, Nightshift work messes with me xD

Intresting week.

Orca dies
Tink dies
Athanors go b00m
Welping our fleets into silly fights
Our Athanor got RFed
I-RED shot I-RED
Torlek clearly hasn’t played GTA enough

And lots of timers to go o7

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