First day back after holidays

Decided to log on why having breakfast on my real first day back after the holidays and ran into a gank fleet in my little Atron , it been a while using the little ship which takes good timing to use right .

But it went well and I held it in place untill faction police came to help me , wish I could fit a web too, some make it back to the gate and jump .

Sorry the point of the post , if anyone wants to do this type of ganker Inception call me up in game and I’ll run through it with you, ( more for new players)


Gallente Ambrye was 100% dangerous , you spoilt his record

It’s nice to know that honorable NPCs are willing and ready to help law-abiding players become powerful warriors of justice in this player-driven, open-world PvP game!

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Thank you for your recognition :wink:


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While your efforts are honorable, we find that there is more help required in low security space and we hope to see you there soon upholding the law.

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The short hunt was fun, and the kill,

The “kill” was you pointing him and doing 300 damage.
It wasn’t even your kill.

If there’s one thing I’d want to get rid of …
… it’s people putting no effort into ruining a gank.

Solely pointing someone for getting him exploded is worse than mining.

The point was pulling them out of a fleet , which I did which could have stopped them ganking , don’t know if it did this time , when doing this in a group we have the fire power to kill them too but solo I needed the point to start the action , without me starting this the cat would have lived, I got a kill mark and loot in my cargo hold and the gank fleet was down one ship.
The kill mail is a record of what I did , just that and on my own without faction police he would have got to the gate and jumped out

I can’t see this as anything else than a win for me.
If you can see what I could have done better as you always do let me know.


I’d sit at the gate in a Tornado, maybe remote sebo’d or just stacked with sensor boosters.

But that’s besides the point. You’re right that you’re winning, but it’s a short term thing only.
Imagine everyone starting just sitting around with points. You might win, but there’s no fun involved,
unless you only care about ruining the game for the other guy.

There’s no engagement possible when getting pointed from 30km away. When there’s no engagement,
then there’s no fun to be had. If your sole fun is the discouragement of ganking per se, then you’d not just succeed …
… you’d destroy your own gameplay.

Pointing outlaws to prevent ganks doesn’t scale at all and there’s nothing we can do against it, because those who point us
tend to dock up during the LE timer, which is too short to discourage someone from docking and waiting, meaning that
the ganker, or myself at least, can’t even try fighting back.

Also can’t fit a warpstab, because that ruins scanres too hard and can’t be compensated with a sebo due to all midslots already being used by necessities. I’ve tried to come up with something, but there’s no viable solution. It’s probably the most effective thing you can do, but in the end it’s also the most boring thing you can do.

The only way to go defending against it would be using more alts to shoot those who try to point …
… which only ever works after the fact though, when the ganking ship is already lost.

Reminds me … last time in Uedama two Gnosii shot me and a friend, but didn’t prevent the gank.
I regretted not having my Tornado there.

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I actually like the hunt , I knew the fleet was about I tracked them , found them tethered on a station, once they left theth I guessed which sys they went to ,I arrived at the gate the same time as them , jumped headed back to the gate setting up to nab one , they decloaked I locked one and Bob’s your uncle. I had pods turned off on overview so I missed that . You can only do this once or twice before they avoid you and it gets boring.



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Hey, what happened here?


Unfortunately, low security space does not have a CONCORD and faction navy presence, so anti-ganker efforts will not be extended there at this time.

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It’s what we aim for 100%if we can :boxing_glove:

Living in low can’t have changed that much since I lived there many moons ago, with no concord you needed to learn to fight for your place to live, which I’m sure you know .

For me that was another life , killing to keep what you had, rich picking at a price .

These days I play Githany Red and you know what she does, still at a price like all of Eve , one day when her work is done I may venture back.

(Don’t you find it strange how you get attached to your characters and enjoy playing them at different times, sometimes I long for old times , would really like to fly a fax and a dread again but this is Githany’s time and she needs to kill criminals and I’ll stick with her thxs.)

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Nice One. Only 1 loss in pvp on zkill tells a lot of thing about a player.:slight_smile: This are hard skilled gankers but why can’t they gank you shows some of your skill as a hunter.:slight_smile:

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Zkill shows many things but none of my kills like theirs are real PvP that’s not really the point. For them it’s kill anyone they can or want and us to stop them. Indeed we are all players killing each other

I watched a black flag faction battle ship fight off a fleet of Talos that where attacking a station that was PvP in my book, just as that faction battle ship had away of fighting it’s different to ours as we are different to null F1 pushers, we all have our skill sets which all need to be learned.

Now your back I wonder if Aiko will be far behind :thinking:

Her last zkill is December 25, 2020. Maybe she is busy RL or on vacation. Let’s just hope it’s not problem related.

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