New Eden Federation

Has disbanded hehe


Need help in high sec contact us!!!

Here to serve new eden in high sec!

Here to be allies and war dec the griefers of high sec!

I have silly question, if you offer free protection. You are going to pay pilots to fly and SRP ships, and how you gonna sustain it?

I think they themselves ransom mining corps to pay or loose their stuff.

Tatara | Mad Miners Disease | Killmail | zKillboard

The group that popped that structure themselves wardec and bait… According to their loss board they have been killing Mission runner MTU in Gallente space. Like they use to in Caldari space before we kicked them out.

So not sure how they call others “griefers”. :slight_smile: When they do the same thing.

:+1: we are happy to help

If you want more support include Anti Ganking in your Menu. Many rich miners and haulers may become interested to support you and join your alliance. Step up and You will Hold more power and influence in highsec. check out our first stream rf the astra used by bullies in high sec trying to remove players and people for the silen system. These guys will be purged for these ways!

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Helped out a few corps and alliances already defend there citadels! It something! let us know if you need help!

Defended from horde corp twice:

Let us know if you need help!

I make 90+billion a month in my market activities (after investors 20-30billion) more after they are paid down.

Let us know!

Contact me in game. I have something to offer you.