Returning 74mil Skill Points Player looking for Chill High Sec Ratting / Missions / Mining Corp

Hey all,

I am an EVE player with 74mil skill points and after a long break, and returning to the game to give it another go.

Looking for a chill corporation for high sec mining, ratting, missions etc. I have done a lot of null sec back in the days and right now just interested in the chill aspect of hanging out with cool people and doing things in game.

Any corporations that could use my services and help me get back in game, please reach out :slight_smile:

Hello Ciggie,

if you wish to try WH PvP space where we holy hunters focuses on PvP but making ISK in one hour is the same as making isk in 20 hours in high secs, hit me up ! Holy Hunters

Theres nothing more chilled than the Police force… eint it? doughnuts and cofee all day :grin: :doughnut:

Welcome back Ciggie

I am wondering if I can offer all of what you are looking for but in a null location? We have a fairly safe pocket, super RL friendly and enough people to get things done, but not so many you get drowned out on comms.

Check out our ad and perhaps we make speak soon!

Hey Sir, We are a Hi Sec corp with no War Dec status. We do a lot of stuff. Low sec roams for PvE targets, Trig fleets, Exploration and ofc Hi Sec missions. We enjoy training new toons or, in your case, getting them back up to speed. If ever you’d like to be in Null I have alts there as well. We are older players…IE Not kids and enjoy the game as our hobby.

Grassy Knoll Public to chat if you’d like to learn more and speak to some corpies.


Hello Ciggie

If you still looking then we might just be what you need mate.

If you want to just come for a chat then by all means jump into our discord and come say hello.

Thank You
Eric Shang

We are new corporation in eve online called 3 Cores of EVE .
Looking for Mining, Manufacturing and PVE players.
We offer low Tax rate that necessery for the corp which 2.5%.
We base nearby Amarr system.
We have ingame public channel to reach out to us 3 Cores Of Eve online
We have Discord server for communication also: 3 Cores of EVE corporation server

If you are intersted in joining apply to us.

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