[EU/US TZ | NULLSEC | PVP | INDY | Newbros | Veterans] Guns-R-Us Toy Company

Guns-R-Us Toy Company, part of the Weapons of Mass Production Alliance is recruiting!

Newbros and veterans alike are most welcome. We are based in Pure Blind Nullsec and focus on Indy and ISK making activities with a good core for PVP, home defense and fun roaming fleets. We have an open-door recruitment policy, as we don’t believe in gating people out of content. When joining Guns, you will be welcomed by a friendly group of people where you can be one of the guys and not just another random member of a large corp. If you don’t have experience in PVP we are more than happy to help you learn that role if you wish so that you can defend yourself and your corp mates better.

We are largely independent of the big null politics and there is no TiDi around here! High Sec is just 4 jumps from our Capital and Jita just 12 meaning you have good access to the markets for any goods and loot you may produce. Null has some of the highest bonuses in Eve for Indy based activities, saving you ISK in the long run.

We are founded by Thanak who started just over a year ago with his series on Youtube (Thanaks channel - Gaming since the '70s - YouTube, check out our growth and history with his weekly reports) and have moved to, and established ourselves in Pure Blind since January 2021. So far things have gone better than we could have expected, after removing the previous residents and their friends we have just recently achieved a long term goal of being able to manufacture capitals to keep and to sell and truly grow our industrial empire.

We offer:

  • Ship Replacement Programs for losses in Strategic Op fleets
  • Mining/Indy/Salvage with T2 Refining and buyback programs
  • PVE/Ratting
  • Local Markets
  • Standing Fleet on standby in the event you get jumped
  • Jump Freighter services to help move you in

Our unofficial recruitment video - https://youtu.be/oF4FfDoKR9w
Killboard - Guns-R-Us Toy Company | Corporation | zKillboard
Our CEOs Interview on Talking in Stations - https://youtu.be/Nl1cj_0Y6y8?t=405

So if you’re a newbro looking to dive right in and learn about the game or a veteran looking for a life away from Nullblocs and just wanting to krab and manufacture in relative peace, Guns-R-Us are looking for you to join the team. Join “Guns-R-Us Public” in game for a chat with a recruitment representative today! Please note that being able to at least listen in Mumble is a requirement.

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A few newbros so far, come join the team today

Killboard is looking green today - Nice

Hey, recently came back to eve after a 2.5 year break. This corp sounds right up my alley.

My original main is about 45m sp, mostly combat toon, pve and pvp. Spent some time in wingspan to learn how to pvp.

This char is about 42m sp, indy, mining, rorq capable and carrier ratting.

My last big stint in game was in Provi block as a part of a cva alliance so that I could learn null sec. Went well and was fun. IRL issues cut down my gaming time back then so I took a break.

I’m looking for a mix of things, some smaller pvp action, exploration content, and really want to get to use my rorq and carrier some.

I also would love to learn more about production.

Also, I’m ustz

Good to chat Altarian, see you in game

That was a fun strat op today for sure

Hows your day been?

Good to see the new faces

Been busy lately, sure keeps it interesting!

How was your weekend?

So good seeing the new faces

Oh wow, those Indy changes tho!

Did you see the TiS interview with our CEO?

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How was your weekend?

What week? Are you looking to join?

Wow, its been busy lately. Hows it going?

Wow, those new Blueprints tho. And half not seeded with the patch? WTH?

Oof my wallet hurts after getting the rest of them

Any plans for the weekend?

Monday already, sigh