(found one) Returning player looking for nullsec corp

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Been playing on/off again since 2008. Up until now I’ve just been hanging out in High Sec, and wormhole space. Don’t know a whole lot about null sec, but I want to give the skills I’ve trained a long time for a try there. It’s been around 5 years since I last actively played. I want to relearn the game with a corp that is willing to help. I really want to mine with a Rorqual on my alt. Not sure how it works in null sec exactly, but i’m sure I have the skills trained to do it. If anyone is interested, let me know. Thanks!

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Hey mate o/ Welcome back to EVE. I have sent you an in-game mail with more details.

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Hey man,

I’m CEO of a Null Sec corp that is about to launch our ore-profit-share programme. Basically building projects that we complete together - ends up paying out above Jita price instead of well below like most buy-back programmes.

If you want to come try our pocket give me a shout ? What TZ are you in ?

Fly Safe o/

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Forgot to put that in the post. I’m in US Eastern TZ.

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Check us out!!

New Eden’s BEST

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Got into a corp. Thanks everyone!

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Gratz getting into corp i am totaly new player and allso looking helpful corporation :slight_smile:

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Horse Killers are looking for fresh meat with or without experience for PVE or PVP.

Join “HKs public” or PM/mail me in game.

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check out our post and drop me a message if you interested to have a chat

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