Do you think he will continue to play?

Just watched the kilboard, accidentally noticed. This is a 100% new player, who wanted to get a comfortable entrance to the game. As we see… he was kicked out by pirates of Jita, GJ guys! I checked many pirates(on killboard). Every month they kick out a bunch of new people. The developer must warn new players in the game that in any planetary system they may lose everything. Do you think someone will specifically read the forum before they are killed in the game?

These pirates are really serious problem for the game, they are like cancer.

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In my opinion, good riddance. We already have enough bad players in the game, we don’t need another one. Hope he never thinks about trying that again.


Are you saying that people are not equal? Someone smarter or stupid, you still have no right to say that you are better.

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Sure thing!

A player this careless doesn’t deserve those Extractors. They’re in a better place now, away from the hands of a bad player making dumb mistakes. :slight_smile:


This is not a new player, but an alt for RMT or a veteran who wanted to go out with a bang. A new player doesn’t have or need that many extractors.

Case closed.

Also yes, players are not equal, as humans are not equal.


Check him in game 15d npc academy corp, i think it’s new.

It was a potential new member of the community. Once everyone was newbies and made stupid mistakes.

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Yes, but calling them cancer is not accurate. Its a new mysterious type of cancer that kills 100 times faster then any other known type.

Its a serious issue, probably the biggest in eve. Can you imagine how this blog will go?
this is good candy for my to write about.

Nope, his name and freight strongly suggest otherwise. Common sense. Or is it you? :wink:


28B in an Ibis… new player?

People defending these kind of things… tsh.

He payed the iron price.


If he indeed was a new player, what use would he have for 60 extractors?

Do you even know how they work?


No, I don’t think so. He used up all his potential already. There’s nothing more to be gained here. :slight_smile:


Do you pretend or are you really? extractors>isk>injectors, legal donate. Or is everyone here so accustomed to the illegal that they don’t understand the legal donate.

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A new player would not know to check the market first to see what is better extractors vs PLEX. They would just buy PLEX, since it is the most obvious one.

Face it, it’s not a new player, but just an alt of some baddie. Maybe even yours.


What proof do you have that this is a new player anyway?

Alts exist, you know? This has all of the hallmarks of an alt and none of characteristics of a new player. :slight_smile:


Funny kill.

Stupid Pilot.

Stupid Thread.


I say 15d npc Academy corp, after it 1d in players corp, and it’s real stupid for alt use ibis for delivery extractors. All old players know and are able to deliver other ways without risk.

I do not know why these are extractors and not plexes.

The extremely funfact is that all the extractors were destroyed by the LootFairy™ :fairy:




OP fails so hard, even RMTers are laughing about him.