EVE scum killing Sigils on the way to pray respect to a fallen pilot

Those guys have no respect for a SLYCE fallen pilot. They kill 2 sigils and mock on local.

Alexabdr Zitcec : Alexandr Zaitcev | Character | zKillboard
Novel Novgorod : Novel Novgorod | Character | zKillboard

sounds like a case of wrong place wrong time.

Some chat logs would add great context also.

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Working as intended. :wink:

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Alexandr has >16000 kills recorded on zkill.

Tip OP - he wasn’t specifically killing you because you were on your clumsy way to a cyno vigil and felt entitled to some free travel. He killed you because he was just playing his game.


Yah OP reminded me this true story. A person thought he was being war decked because of the skin of his EVE characters color… Kid you not I was told that by a person in EVE this nearly takes the cake.

If OP was serious he actually provide chat logs of this “mocking” or he could have added the fallen pilot also. All the internet knows this is just a boy who cried wolf.


Welcome to eve.


I remember this. Pretty sure it was just a forum troll.


Maybe it could happen as some sort of roleplay scenario, like attacking amarrians based on their religion, attacking gallente based on their hedonist mindset, attacking squids based on their fascist corpo ideology thus it is not far fetched the same way someone attacking a minmatar based on their culture and/or skin color I guess. Ofc not necessarily in the case you mentioned just in general as a form of roleplay I could see it happening maybe.

On that note one might also attack someone based on the SKIN color(s) of their ship as well I guess. :smirk:


Lol ok.

Sounds possible. Not everyone likes Sarum Skin for example.

That would be you know what.

Sorry guys I kind of forgot about this. The pilot was Red Star Azizora. He killed me on the system where we did the cyno fleet. Some people told them about that and they didn’t care. I really don’t care about the ships as they are worth almost nothing.
I don’t know if I can get the logs now but if it’s possible, tell me how and I’ll post them.

Fallen as in Ganked and Podded or …

This has been done many times in the past by goons… till some rat died then they seemed to have stopped… not saying the pilots are alts of g0on sw4rm or anything.

This is like that one time in world of warcraft.

Goons are outstanding citizens of EVE,

Ftfy :smiley:

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