Am I wrong here?

So I’m pretty new – and I’m flying through nullsec and pass by someone’s capsule and said this:

[15:40:40] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : PF-346
[15:44:03] Kyle Kallikak > Sorry for your loss.
[15:44:16] Other Player > ?
[15:44:20] Kyle Kallikak > Just flew by your cap
[15:44:21] Kyle Kallikak > :stuck_out_tongue:
[15:44:26] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Orvolle

I had assumed someone blew him up and was just trying to be social, but a minute later I get this in game mail:

lol i love the retarded
From: Other Player
Sent: 2018.10.02 15:47
To: Kyle Kallikak,

shame i don’t fly them but i guess you’re too retarded to notice that also if you look at the KB my corp lost a single fighter but hey why let facts get the way of your happy clapping.
What did make me lmao was this though
hahahahahhahaha now i’m happy clapping.

A few minutes later he’s in my highsec home system:

[15:50:39] Kyle Kallikak > Other Player I’m sorry you took offense to my conversation, it wasn’t intended. Why is EVE so weird?
[15:50:48] Other Player > <url=showinfo:1377//2114485901>Kyle Kallikak hope you enjoyed the mail <3
[15:51:18] Kyle Kallikak > I’m assuming you blocked me and aren’t seeing my message then?
[15:51:33] Kyle Kallikak > Since it won’t let me reply.
[15:51:36] Other Player > not at all like i said if you’re going to try and troll at least get facts right but hey your kb is enough for me to make me happy
[15:51:59] Kyle Kallikak > It’s odd that you found my message trolling. EVE is so toxic that you believe everyone is out to get you.
[15:52:05] Kyle Kallikak > I literally said, “Sorry for your loss.”
[15:52:14] Kyle Kallikak > I assumed you got popped by someone.
[15:52:25] Other Player > lmao you’re back tracking now best just leave it at that
[15:52:33] Kyle Kallikak > I’m back tracking?
[15:52:35] Kyle Kallikak > Wow.
[15:53:05] Other Player > you know you are please lmao
[15:53:08] Kyle Kallikak > Perhaps you can’t take this in, but I was genuinely just saying hi to someone on the internet.
[15:53:09] Other Player > lol
[15:53:34] Kyle Kallikak > Yeah man, I just started playing this game. I got ganked a bunch. I’m OK with that.
[15:53:40] Kyle Kallikak > Everyone please look at my red killboard.
[15:54:01] Other Player > really then why not say hi … idiot thinks i was born yesterday
[15:54:53] Kyle Kallikak > That chat on EVE is the most defensive chat I’ve ever seen. This is like the third time I’ve messaged in Local and had someone tell me to ■■■■ off.
[15:55:07] Kyle Kallikak > I flew by someone in highsec the other day and said “o/” and they went off on me.
[15:55:09] Kyle Kallikak > Just amazing.
[15:55:19] Other Player > you still bumping your gums
[15:55:26] Other Player > no one cares
[15:55:43] Kyle Kallikak > Alright, you win.

I feel like I keep getting in these situations with people when I talk to them at all. Is there something I’m missing or is the community just very toxic/defensive? I keep playing for a few days (and enjoying it), then having some bad experience like this (getting ganked and told to stop being bad, being told to stfu for saying o/ in local, and now this). I know I can be sensitive, but I’ve got to imagine this puts a lot of players off from the game.

you weren’t necessarily right, some players will fly around in an empty pod just to travel between nearby stations.

that said they sound like a bit of a dick, laughing at your newbie losses and all. I’d just ignore it and move on.

you weren’t necessarily right, some players will fly around in an empty pod just to travel between nearby stations.

Yeah, I get that – thanks for the reply.

Nope. Your assessment is correct. the devs here often make game design decisions to nurture and cater to exactly and precisely these sort of people. They don’t seem to grasp the concept that its possible to make design changes to the opposite.

That said, not everyone is like that, but this game has a stupid larger percentage of people like this then other games.


If I read the exchange correctly, (which frankly, I may not - not knowing either participant), I think he mistook your use of the word cap.

You were using it as a diminutive for capsule, and I think he interpreted it as a diminutive for capital, i.e. a capital ship, as in a capital ship loss

From the conversation you’ve posted, I’d say he thought you’d deliberately insulted him.

You, being new, were trying to commiserate on what you assumed, since he was flying around in his capsule, a random ship loss.

It was just a miscommunication, as near as I can tell.

But, taunting someone about a capital ship loss can be construed, in certain circumstances/circles, in EVE as “thems fightin’ words”, so…“he” responded in kind.

He thought you’d deliberately insulted him, so…he insulted you back.

EVE is played internationally, across a multitude of cultures, these verbal/written misinterpretations happen, just bear that in mind.

It happens, don’t worry. :smile:

The vast majority of people you met in EVE are all right.


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Maybe you should’ve blown up his pod. He may of had some pricey implants. That would’ve made for a nice conversation.


True, he could’ve just been pod traveling, but next time pop that idiot and hope for a shiny KM.

Also because of this kind of ingame conversations I love EvE. Enjoy it, it’s part of the fun, just keep polite all time.

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This, and no words spoken in local…the WH way.

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Ahh, interesting. I also agree that I think language may play a factor here – was reflecting on “Sorry for your loss.” – I mean it terms of “grief” and not “you were the loser”, could easily see how a non-native speaker would misunderstand. Live and learn…

That guys just an asshole dude. Mommy didn’t pick him up enough or something. Just keep hold of the good guys you meet and laugh at the ones who take it super serious :wink:

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Just your typical insecure wannabe tuff guy in nullsec, who thinks he’s big because he hides in a big group. Laugh about his short “straw” and hate CCP for attracting the inadequately equipped.

The only real question here is if you were in PF-346 going to Orville, did you first fly through Poitot?

It’s the only named system in Syndicate.

[this is a bit of an EvE meme. Welcome to the game]

I had the same experience, some people PVP against chatting in local. It does reduce the social contact that randomly happen. Try out chatting in one of the npc corps, you will see some people that will agressively talk to you and some even try to get as much private infel on you as possible. But it’s probably less than 1÷ of the population. Kinda like the official forums, CCP gave it up to trolls and baitors and uses reddit more as their forums as it is much better moderated. Just hang in there, you will find nice friends to play with too.

Lmao… Good one…

The guy is a moron, you should have ignored him.

I fly in my capsule all the time. Apparently it get in the nerve of some people and I love that. Also I like how the capsule looks like an egg flying through space, I find it strangely relaxing.

Wow. Okay. So, the guy is a moron, end of story. About you - that cap thingy might’ve confused him, it would be certainly confusing for me.

Capsule = pod
Capital ship = cap

However most of the people should be able to recognise that you’re a newbie and as such you might not know the lingo. So yea, the reaction of that other player is moronic, stupid and judging from my experience also not typical.

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