Thank you, chat bubble, for saving my ship!

So I was flying through NPC null in my hull-tanked Viator, and spotted a local spike. Suddenly a new chat window opened, and someone posted my name. Very strange, I thought. Maybe they were trying to recruit me?

Nope. Someone had accidentally added me to their intel channel, presumably because of the chat bubble. Apparently they were hunting me, even describing my ship in the channel, and I read someone saying “get ready”.

Needless to say, I docked up at the closest station.

Thank you CCP! And thank you chat bubble!


Brilliant! :rofl:

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Could have been intentional, sometimes there’s a plan within a plan, as a Ferengi once said “deception is the way of humans” but, I could have been an error, humans are great for that, either way celebrate let’s celebrate


Ha! Inadvertent counter intel! It always impresses me when people fly in dangerous areas without a cloak.

My rule #1: Cloak first ask question later.

That was not because of the chat bubble because this bubble only initiates a private conversation. The guy just dragged you into their intel channel but instead of dropping you in the text box, they dropped you in the user list which initiates a chat invite. In essence: The chat bubble is still crap and your example is an unrelated. but hilarious example for bad channel security. :smirk:


chat bubble can be annoying… on my alts i have the local window so small that when i want to click on someone in local i have to carefully aim not to hit the start conversation button… annoying

I think this probably makes it even funnier :yum:


^ Yep. All’s well that ends well!

Actually , I think is intended from CCP how to exploit some situations , like let a fleet invite a cloaky prober after he jumped gate so he will be no able to cloak up … or fleet spamming chat invite in pvp :slight_smile: so usually this will be considered as exploit but I am pretty sure the chat bubble is there for this intention .

Maybe it is CCP’s secret master plan to give the socially awkward the opportunity to engage in conversations with the excuse of accidentally clicking the chat bubble or be convoed by random strangers, this way they will not be met with instant rejection nor being looked at funny and in the end the situation may evolve into a decent convo. :grin:

But joke aside I’ve read several people write here and on reddit they’ve had a nice chat after accidentally convoing someone or being convoed by someone due to this new feature.

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