Veggie Wars Unique Ship Skins Please

So Id love to see a ship skin that made your ship look like fruit or veggies. And banana makes the top of that list lol. Fruity ships that shoot weapons that look like seeds or curnals

Titans = Water melons or Squash

Battle ships = Large Corn Cobs that shoot pop corn

Cruisers = Bananas, Cucumbers or large Potatoes

Frigates Or big freighters = Large Frying Pan or Fruit Basket

Smaller mining ships = garden shovel or carrot/pickle

Fighters = Raddish or Strawberries

Drones = Popcorn or Cherries

Of these are just suggestions to spark some ideas and some discussion. Id like to see if EVE devs would be in for this, since the creation of the skins would be relatively simple, and little features. Plus the comedy it would generate lol


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whilst the post is amusing i do think it is high time for some plain colour skins.
at the very least.

And then the idea gets discarded when someone mentions candy pink color… At least this has been the case some years ago - players instantly drew parallels with “Hello Kitty online”, got horrified by “fleets of pink drakes” etc.

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the fact they thought there would be ‘fleets of’ just goes to show how popular it sounds like it would be

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it was mentioned as a possibility of trolling by buzzing yellow-black-striped crowd…

i dont quite understand how but mkay

A transparent skin would sell like hot cakes!


It’s not pink Drakes you need to worry about it’s the pink Thorax.

Can anybody say penisfleet?


PENISfleet. :blush:

That’s the Pen Island Navy :stuck_out_tongue:

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PenisLand Navy? :smiley:

Die Schwanzflotte ist rosa


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DIE, Jonah, DIE!

This thread is hilarious! :smiley:

Not sure if correcting my German or a suggestion?

It’s “Die SchwanzFlotte” :slight_smile:

Also … not sure if we’re not getting into a lot of trouble right now! :blush:


As you know my German is rather rusty, but not rusty enough that I can’t make up my own compound words :stuck_out_tongue:

Also … not sure if we’re not getting into a lot of trouble right now!

ISD Dorrim will probably chortle quietly to himself while removing any offending posts.

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Back on topic! :smiley:
Let’s talk about “wrappings” we can put around our “Thoraxes”!

a chicken skin…

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And whats wrong with fleets of pink drakes? realistically in space it makes literally no difference what colour your ship is as you won’t be looking for them visually anyway, so a hot pink spaceship is just as viable a marking as anything else