Veggie Wars Unique Ship Skins Please

Ironically people have always had a thing for hello kitty skins, licensing them would be the problem.


eye patches and pirate hats would be nice too, and clown gear; TBVFH I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS IS NOT DONE!!!

gr gons hat…

I really like this, though I probably shouldn’t. :blush:


Because cuteness is justice!

multiple images under the link

Licensing images and name, yes… but CCP can create tools for players to mimic these to a certain degree. For example: create a dye manufacturing from underutilized gases - different mixes will provide different colors and saturation and you need several dyes to paint the ship, depending on its size. Paintjob, like rigs, can only be destroyed once applied.

If anyone says it impedes on CCP’s turf of SKIN sales - they can move from selling colored skins to selling various decals, unique SKINs with lightning effects, etc…

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Links to albums don’t resolve into separate images. :slight_smile:

Trademarks for colours exist.
T-Mobile’s magenta, for example.

There’s no way of keeping a database of “banned colours” up to date.

i am aware of that. Those interested can click the link and it doesn’t eat bandwidth (on metered connections) for those who dont want to see.

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You should have a play with The Eve NT tool. You can play around with all of the stock faction schema’s and some custom colour stuff too.

Ship-porn created with it (scroll down)

Also citadel modules, on frigates.

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I’m fairly sure the easy way to tell is if the spell check thought you’d spelt things teh wrong… and/or the filters did this ■■■■.

Apple Pie!.. wait, what were we talking about?

Hey, you’ve actually put some thought into this! I like it!!!

No need to. Simply wait for “company” to submit DMC take-down request. Post said DMC take-down request to Eve-O Forums, let all the lawyers here take care of it.

Now… about those colours! :smiley:

Edit: I want the hello kitty Widow/Rattlesnake/Golem :slight_smile:


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That’s why CCP is proud to announce their new line of ‘Greetings Cat’ skins!

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Cat and Kitty are too similar! “Greetings Feline” is much better!

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Pretty sure their trademark only covers the use of that colour in marketing for brands that compete in the same market, CCP isn’t a communications company so they can use the colour however they like, trademarks specifically refer to branding, they don’t actually own the colour itself outside of the use cases that they have a valid trademark for, so yeah i could go and plaster that colour all over something unrelated to that market and there is nothing t-mobile could actually do about it, otherwise nobody would be able to use any shade of red or blue either because of the like of coke and pepsi, it only matters in regards to products that are likely to cause confusion, in this case nobody is going to confuse a pink tempest with a smartphone

Okay … I made a mistake. That’s forgivable.

You know what’s not forgivable?

Lack of punctuation and structure.


The face made me LOL. Keep up the good work!


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And? it was short enough for even an idiot to follow so it didn’t really need anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m glad at least you read it, so it wasn’t a completely wasted effort. :blush:

Funny way to spell “■■■■■■■ creaming over”

OK so…
I can say this is one amazing idea, however I am bias. My corp mate came up with the idea lol.
I would buy these skins in a heartbeat!

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You can say that again.

Your discord must be…interesting…

fyi - “hotdropping” has nothing to do with warming acid.

Boy the topic really got off topic fast lol. But hey some of the ideas were a bit funny. Why not have a ship skin that has animated scenes on it like a GIF that would be SICK! Advertisements, billboards, Neon Signs that say BABY ON BOARD, or GOT AMMO?